Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Subbed List of Shabekuri 007

Hey, as promised here's the beginning of me uploading big files onto mediafire. First off are the Shabekuri 007 episodes as I have received several requests to upload some of them onto mediafire. Anyway's here they are.
They're in .flv format so if you can't play it, you'll need to download the appropriate codec. The easiest way to do it is to just download media player classic (it's free) and the codec should just come with that. If there are any troubles, let me know.

(2009.03.30)                     TOHOSHINKI *Subbed by other
(2009.04.20)                     AYASE HARUKA  (1st)
(2009.04.20)                     TSUNKU
(2009.07.06)                     GACKT *Subbed by other
(2009.12.21)                     MORNING MUSUME *Subbed by other

(2010.03.08)                     KITAGAWA KEIKO (1st)
(2010.07.12)                     OGURI SHUN (1st) & NAKA RIISA 
(2010.08.23)                     ARAGAKI YUI (1st)  (2010.11.15)
(2010.07.06)                     YOSHITAKA YURIKO (1st)
(2010.07.06)                     AYASE HARUKA (2nd)

(2010.08.30)                     KARA  (1st) *Subbed by other
(2010.11.15)                     NAKAMURA TORU & BROWN EYED GIRLS
(2010.12.20)                     AOKI RYUJI
(2011.02.07)_                   KANNO MIHO and KIRITANI MIREI (1st) 

(2011.03.08)                     KITAGAWA KEIKO (1st)
(2011.02.28)                     MOMOIRO CLOVER (1st) *Subbed by other
(2011.03.07)                     IMALU and Bump.y
(2011.03.28)                     ASHIDA MANA  & KURASHINA KANA

(2011.05.09)                     NAGASAWA MASAMI 
(2011.07.04)                     NAGATOMO YUTO and OKAZAKI SHINJI  
(2011.07.04)                     KARA (2nd appearance) *Subbed by other 
(2011.08.08)                     WATANABE KEN 
(2011.10.03)                     TODA ERIKA 
(2011.10.24)                     WATANABE NAOMI (1st)
(2011.10.24)                     ARAMAKI YOKO  
(2011.12.25)                     ARAGAKI YUI (2nd)

(2012.01.30)                     HONDA MIYU & 9nine
(2012.03.05)                     MOMOIRO CLOVER (2nd) *Subbed by other
(2012.04.23)                     BIG BANG *Subbed by other
(2012.05.14)                     2NE1 *Subbed by Royal Ace Subs

(2012.12.10)                     KAMENASHI KAZUYA   *Subbed by other



  1. arigatou.......... =)

    can't it be compressed more to make the size of the file smaller?
    i just think it would be easier for you to upload smaller file, and also easier for us to dl it, :)

    anyway, we'll be waiting for more shabekuri videos then,
    good luck, =)

  2. Awesome, I enjoy this a lot!!

  3. @n4v1: Well....if you don't mind the quality being worsened a bit then.....sure.

    As there will be people that want more quality and other people that want a smaller size it's hard to get a compromise with just one file. I'm not that keen on uploading a smaller video and a bigger file yet so....

    Anyway I'll try and find the right size.

  4. i don't mind the size at all. as long as it's in good quality. if anyone want smaller size, they can just watch/download it from streaming sites =)
    anyway, thank you very much for this~

  5. Thank You for uploading your works on MF.
    It really helpful ^^

  6. a, i just noticed it zilla,

    the link for Ashida Mana part above is having trouble, it's error,

    maybe you can check it again,
    you can try to give us the general link (not direct link above) or maybe reupload it,

    if you find mediafire is troublesome then try megaupload, or yooku at least since we can also download it from yooku, =)

  7. It should be working fine? Well it works for me anyway.

    that's the address for it. Try that.

  8. a, it's working now,

    it's strange, yesterday i tried it but what i get is "Page not found,......" or something like that,

    anyway, it's working now,
    thanks for quick response, =D

  9. i can only download kurashina kana, toda erika, and kanno miho.

    the others says "This file is temporarily unavailable because there are no resources available under the owner’s account"

    btw thanks for the sub and upload :)

  10. Hey, it should be working now if you try it.

  11. i really like this show and it's relly hard to find. thank you so much for taking your time and effort for subbing this :D i dont mind the sizes of the files, the quality is perfect.
    keep the good work and please give us more of these, arita-san is hilarious!!

  12. Ngh I'm loving this show so much now, thanks to you. Please sub more of these, I'd be eternally grateful xD I can't enough of them..especially Arita xDDD Jun chan kansai ben is delightful to hear too xD

  13. I'm loving this show so much now thanks to you. I can't get enough of these guys..esp Arita xDDD Jun chan kansai ben is delightful too xD

  14. *shift eyes* ugh my wonky internet, sorry for spamming your comment box he he xD

  15. thank you so much :D


  17. wow, i love this show....thanks a lot!

  18. Thanks to you, i'm now a fan of this incredible show! Thank you very very very much!You're the man!! XD
    Hope there will be any new episode of shabekuri007.. :D

  19. Could you subbeb Shabekuri 007 when the guest is Kawaguchi Haruna??

  20. Could you subbed this Shabekuri 007

  21. Could you please sub the episode with Ishihara Satomi. Here's the link (although i don't know if this link will still be active by the time you read this due to copyright and shit like that on youtube. :) ) Anyways hope you can sub more episodes of Shabekuri 007. Also i think there's an episode where AKB48 were the guess. Can you also sub that? Anyways, hope you can sub more videos.

  22. excuse me, GodzillaRadio-san .. would you mind to make a sub for this Shabekuri 007 (2012.01.23) ? Guest star : Horikita Maki :) yoroshiku onegaishimasu .. XD

  23. Can you sub the recent Horikita Maki one please..

  24. Can you please sub June 6,2011 the episode where Osamu Mukai has guested I can't find it anywhere. It would be a big help.thanks