Friday, 18 November 2011

Video Subbing: (REQUEST): SHABEKURI 007 with NAGASAWA MASAMI (09.05.2011)

Here's the Shabekuri 007 episode featuring Nagasawa Masami, who is a very popular actress in Japan at the moment. Shabekuri members get excited once again about a pretty actress visiting, and start up (like usual) some sort of contest to try and see which member the actress likes the most....

Tokui has a small role too this time, and if you watched the Aragaki Yui episode, you would know that this happens often when beautiful female guests come.

Get from Mediafire (262 MB)

Shabekuri 007 (09.05.2011) Nagasawa Masami by juxtapose31


  1. Thank You for subbing & sharing it ^^

  2. Thank you for subbing ạnd sharing it
    Could you translate this into english
    Here's link:
    i think it's very interesting

  3. Sure, I'll get around to it eventually. Although that will be quite some time in the future haha...

  4. know the insert song title starting from 04:29?

    1. "kimitte" by Nishino Kana

  5. this just became one of my favorite shows alongside gaki no tsukai, thanks for subbing. arita teppei is just so funny.