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Video Subbing: (REQUEST) SHABEKURI 007 feat IMALU and Bump.y (07.03.2011)

オスッ!Welcome to J-Burogu

I've finally finished subtitling an episode of Shabekuri 007 that was requested. The first half of this episode features IMALU, the daughter of comedian Akashiya Sanma and actress Ootake Shinobu, who are two top stars of Japanese show business. The second half features an up and coming idol group called 'bump.y'.


Akashiya Sanma is perhaps the most famous and popular comedian of Japan. He's one of the 'Big 3' of comedians, which also include Beat 'Kitano' Takeshi, and Tamori. He hosts numerous shows, such as 'Sanma Palace (Sanma Gotenさんま御殿) and is known as the 'Comedy Monster' (Owarai Kaijuu お笑い怪獣) due to how good he is at his profession. He's also famous for his distinct laugh........which I would describe as a high pitch gasp....

Ootake Shinobu is a very famous and acclaimed actress. She married Akashiya Sanma in 1988 and had their daughter, Imalu, who was put into her custody after a divorce in 1992.

Right: Nowadays          Left:  In the 80's

Doraemon is a very famous children cartoon show about a robotic cat who travels from the future to help a cowardly child called Nobita become stronger. He does this with the aid of various hi-tech gadgets brought back from his own time period. Many movie adaptations have been made of this series, which have all been successful and popular. One movie that is particularly known for making people cry, is 'Doraemon Returns'. In this movie Doraemon decides to return to the future and leave Nobita after all the hardships and episodes they had gone through.....anyway there's a very emotional ending which left many people in tears.

When they were talking about the movie Imalu starred in called 'Runway Beat', they mentioned two other people that acted in it. One was 'Seto', from the 'D-Boys'. This is Seto Koji and D-Boy's is a moderately popular boy group that he's in along with three other dudes. A number of them, including Seto once had roles as Kamen Riders in the past.

 Not Seto Kaiba but Seto Koji. They have the same initials and surname though...

The other person was 'Keitani Mirei'. The persons actual name is 'KIRITANI Mirei', and either IMALU said it wrong or I'm just hearing it wrong. I don't know. I sounds like she's saying Keitani to me. (-_-)

She mentioned three of her favourite comedians.

FUJIWARA'S HARANISHI: Is a guy from the manzai unit FUJIWARA, with Fujimoto Toshifumi Their group name is actually a combination of the first half of their surnames, Haranishi and Fujimoto.
***('H' can turn into a 'W' when something is put in front of it in Japanese. Iit can also turn into a 'B') 

PEACE's AYABE: Is Ayabe Yuuji from manzai group Peace/Piece ( I don't know which one). He's famous for being fairly handsome and having a fetish for mature ladies.

OGIYAHAGI: Ogiyahagi is another manzai group. They didn't specify which of the two she liked but it's members include Ogi Hiroaki and Yahagi Ken.

 Far left is Haranishi        Middle:Ayabe      Right:The two from Ogiyahagi

I believe Pigeon Breasts are called the same thing in English (or Pigeon Chest). This is the description given to people with protruding sternum and ribs.

Cat backs (Nekoze 猫背) in English are what you would call hunchbacks or rounded shoulders. I don't know why I didn't subtitle it like that in the video.....I didn't notice that people wouldn't understand 'cat backs' for some reason at the time...

Left: Pigeon Chest ,  Right:Cat Back

The Flower Manor is an amusement park in Asakusa, Tokyo. In Japanese, it's the 'Hana Yashiki', and has been operating since 1853.
Back in the Past


They talked about Neptune's debut single. They actually had a fair bit of success with music fairly early on in their career. This particular one is called "Kimi wo sagashite" (To Find You).
Here's a link to it on youtube

Arita said that Nagura looked like IKKO on that cd sleeve. IKKO is a homosexual and cross dressing tv personality.

Here's IKKO and the single jacket...

One of Neptunes' random (and not funny) jokes were, "The Cobra Twist of a person who doesn't know the Cobra Twist". The Cobra Twist is a wrestling move, and was also a special favourite of Antonio Inoki, one of Japan's most popular pro-wrestlers.

Example of a Cobra Twist:

They mentioned some past occupants of the place where Bump.y live, which included.

Uchiyama Rina

Horikita Maki

Kuroki Meisa

Kiritani Mirei 
(same person as mentioned before who starred in movie with Imalu!)

Miyazaki is a prefecture in the southern state of Kyushu. It's a rural area famous for it's mangoes, chickens and pork. Ueda says that there'd be nice Chicken Nanban at a Miyazaki Festival. Chicken Nanban is a Japanese dish from Kyushu, which consists of fried chicken flavoured with tartar sauce. It's also where my grandparent's and dad are from!

Is a veteran Japanese actress.

Is a dish similar to Japanese curry. It is a Western style Japanese dish, although it doesn't exist in the West. The closest thing is beef stew, as it has the same kind of ingredients such as beef, onion, mushrooms etc. It's flavoured with demi-glace sauce. Red wine and/or tomato sauce is also often added.


  1. Oh god im starting love all the comedians in this show, Arieta and Ueda really make a good duo.
    Neptunes songreally strikes me as odd as I thought their songs would be funny instead it was quite decent lol.
    Also kudos to the 11 year old girl for being able to take all those jokes on her name ^^
    Are you planning to sub anymore shabekuri 007 in the future?

  2. Haha yeah Arita is my favourite. And yeah I totally agree that the 11 year old was able to keep a straight face and handle of those attacks from old men lol.

    I am planning to sub more, although I don't have any specific plans to at the moment, if that makes sense haha. Requests are welcome, although I'm fairly busy at the moment.

  3. Ah cool then can I suggest the one where Aragaki Yui appears on it. I found the whole video (in parts) on youtube, It seemed quite funny to me although I only maybe understood like 30% of it xD
    k.. I think they lost the 1st part lol :/

  4. Sure thing, although it's on the end of a fairly long request list so it will be some time before I get to work on it. I'll be doing a different Shabekuri episode requested by someone else next so you can look forward to that though ;)

  5. Hey there, I've finished your request finally...
    Here it is:

  6. god youre awesome...

  7. Hi anyone know whats the song name in 0.50(first video) , When they talk about oda kazumasa ?
    Thank you !

    1. Hello! Thanks for watching.
      It's Kotoba Ni Dekinai.