Friday, 24 February 2012

Video Subbing [REQUEST]: ARAGAKI YUI on Shabekuri 007 (2011.12.05)

Hey there, here's another Shabekuri 007 episode. This episode features the second appearance of the actress, Aragaki Yui. Her previous appearance was on 2010 October 23rd, and can also be found on this blog if you search for it. Hmm......not much else to say. Hope you enjoy it!


Shabekuri 007 (2011.12.05) Aragaki Yui by juxtapose31


Are a one of the most famous and influential pop/rock bands in Japan. Formed in the mid 70's and lead by the singer, Kuwata Keisuke, they brought a more Western feel to Japanese music. One significant thing that is usually thought to have been originated form this band is the stylised pronunciations of words when singing. For example, changing the 'ら り る れ ろ' letters to be pronounced as 'ra, ri, ru, re, ro' rather than the proper Japanese way (which I can't really write in English it doesn't exist). In general this and other changes to the pronunciation made the language more flexible and more ably suited for different styles of music.

This is the process of hammering mochi-gome (Sticky rice) with a large wooden hammer. There are usually one or two people hammering and another person to turn the mochi around in between hammer strikes. This is all done rhythmically over and over again, and skilled people will do it at a very fast pace. It's slightly harder than it looks, especially if for the one turning over the mochi as it can be very hot and must be done quickly or your hand will be pounded by the incoming hammers.

I just wrote this as "dry towel body scrubbing" or something on the video because.....well that's what it is. 
Here's an explanation of what it is and why they do it:

Ashuraman is a character off the popular manga Kinniku-man. He has three faces; one on the front, and one on each side of his head. That's why he was mentioned by Ueda.


  1. thank you very much! totally made my weekend. :D

  2. Shabekuri is almost always nice, thank you. But I do like Domoto Kyoudai also, and especially when GACKT is there. Nowdays he is so rarely seen in that show but he was there today. They seemed to have so much fun, could you please, please, PLEASE translate it? Did I already say please? Show is to be found in Youku. I know you have so much work at hand but...please.

    1. Very kind of you. Thank you.

    2. Heyy, I've been told that someone else is working on it. She hasn'e finished it yet but am assuming will post it on her website is here

  3. you're awesome godzilla!!!

    thank you so much for all your work <3

  4. A wonderful way to brighten up my gloomy Monday xD Thank you!

  5. I found a short clip with Yaguchi Mari a long time ago on youtube which had rough translations. I saved the captions since I knew it was only a matter of time before it would get taken down. Now, many months later, I read your post about Aegisub and thought I would give it a try!

    The translation from youtube had some pretty bad sentences, so I rewrote most of them. Please, tell me what you think. :)

    1. Pretty nicely done~. Only a few things I noticed.

      1. Mew should be'Meow'
      2. That "I become a good kitten nyan thing" is actually "Do the good kitten", which is like an appeal to get patted, but that doesn't really get conveyed with "Do the good kitten nyan". You could probably leave it or think of something else. That's your choice.

      I don't think there was anything else....?

    2. * with the "Good kitten thing"....
      She's saying "Do the good kitten" because when some people pat little animals and babys and stuff they go "Oh you're a good cat" or "good boy" etc etc. Hope that makes sense.

    3. Thank you for the very informative explanation, I really appreciate it! Totally missed correcting the "mew"-thing! Oh well, considering English is not my native language a little mistake is ok I guess. Since you forgot that plural for baby is babies I'm thinking you're not a native English speaker either. I'm sorry for being so nitpicky. ;)

      My knowledge of Japanese only extends to a few words so my hands were pretty tied when rewriting the original translators script. The "I become a good kitten nyan"-part could probably be made better with your explanation as a side note. Unless you want to translate it to something like "I do the pat-the-good-kitten-appeal nyan", or do you have a better suggestion?

      A big thanks for your help!

    4. Ahaha.....well, I am a native speaker. I just wasn't very careful there. Or maybe I just suck at English lol.

      I really won't recommend "I do the pat-the-good-kitten-appeal nyan" lol!
      That's a bit weird.

      I don't know...maybe like "Pat me like a good kitten nyan" or something along those lines.

  6. YAY! Thank you so much GRadio! Totally made my day!

    It's so funny how Ken can change his facial expression so fast, and Gakky never looked prettier!

  7. Hi, thanks for the subs! Is there any chance you could sub the section with the next guest in the episode?

    My japanese isn't good enough to understand what they are saying in alot of places but the giri giri 007 section looks pretty good judging by the reactions.

    It starts at around 75:30 in the following video

    Thanks again!

  8. Would it be possible to sub the part with the giri giri that comes after the Aragaki Yui section?

  9. Who's the guest in the preview? She's stunning O.O