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Video Subbing (REQUEST): Ayase Haruka on Shabekuri 007

Bonjour mes amis~!

Another long awaited (probably) video sub. Sorry for not being able to do them more often nowadays. I've realised that they've become quite scarce compared to before. I'll do my best to get as many out as I can though...

I thought it was time for another Shabekuri 007. It has been around a month since the last one....
This episode features the actress, Ayase Haruka on her first appearance on this show. It's from way back in 2009 so please excuse the video quality. It was the only one I could find. :s

She's promoting the movie "Oppai Volleyball" which means "Breast Volleyball", which sounds like a pretty erotic film..... But isn't. Well that's according to some synopsis I've read anyway. Doesn't seem like you'll get to see her scrumptious lady lumps

Let's play volleyball!

So yeah, enough of the perverse side of me.
This episode is quite crazy. There's a lot of things that you probably won't understand without reading translation notes (?). Maybe.

Anyway, here's your video~~~


Shabekuri 007 (2009.04.20) Ayase Haruka by juxtapose31

 There's quite a few this time...sighhhh

Haruna Ai is a transgender TV personality who initially became popular for an "air imitation" of the idol, Matsuura Aya. It's "air imitation" because it's just lip syncing. She/ he has been crowned Miss International Queen 2009 for transexuals so is quite hard to tell as actually being male.

ガビーン is an onomatopoeia for a bad shock or surprise. It became popular sometime in the Showa Period, probably in the 70's or 80's. You often see it and similar words like "Ga-n" and "Gacho-n" in anime and manga nowadays.

This is some kinda new word that a comedian called Kojima Yoshio made up. It's an abbreviation of "Ocean Pacific Peace" which means.........something. Probably. There was a video of it with Eng subs on youtube which is handy.

Taizo said that he feels like going "Weaaaah!" when someone says "Each an everyone♪" (Or "Each and everything" to be exact). This is referring to the theme song from the popular cartoon, Chibi Maruko-chan (Tiny Maruko). It's the first line after listening to the intro so if you're interested, here it is.....

Castera is a simple sweet cake that is popular as a gift in Japan. It originally came from a cake that Portuguese merchants brought over to Japan in the 16th Century. Back then Portugal was part of the Spanish kingdom of Castile, which was pronounced as Castella in the Portuguese language. That's where the name comes from. As it's a Japanese rendition of something that was brought into the country, this cake doesn't actually exist in Portugal, although there may be something similar. I don't know.

Is an alcoholic beverage usually made form barley, rice or sweet potatoes but can be from a few other things too. It's quite a strong drink with most having about 25% alcohol in it. For more info see Wikipedia

A double eyelid is an eyelid that has two folds. Many Asian people have only one fold, but tend to find the double fold more attractive. There are now many make up products to make it look like you've got double fold lids though...

Watami 和民 is a popular izakaya chain store. An Izakaya is a Japanese styled tavern, where you can book tatami floored private rooms to use with your friends, work colleagues etc. Izakaya at wikipedia

I translated this as a "mom bicycle" or something in the video. It's basically a bicycle with a basket attached to the front. It's often associated with mums as they ride these when they go food shopping. Mama= Mom and Chari= is slang for bicycle.

There was a part when they all fell out of their chairs because Tokui wouldn't say "Female baths".
This was a thing popularised by the comedy group, "The Drifters" back in the 1970's. It's done when there's like a "What the hell?" kind of moment. This is also often done in anime and stuff. I'm not sure if people from other countries also get that kind of feeling though. It's like when you stumble after hear something unbelievable. Well, I've never actually seen that in real life but you read it in books and stuff.

The Drifters were like the Monty Python  of Japan and its members are the creators of a lot of gags and stuff popular in Japan.

Another cross dressing male make up artist, also popular as a TV personality. Not sure about anything interesting regarding his life though.

Is a famous zen Buddhist monk from the 1400's. He's very famous for being an eccentric vagabond, and unlike usual monks. See wikipedia for more

Is a famous Buddhist nun and writer. Check wiki  
Haha can't be bothered writing anymore. 

Well I hope you enjoyed the video! Bye until next time~


  1. nice ! a new shabekuri episode ! thank you so much =) i discover this serie with your blog and i'm a fan now ! thanks again !

  2. Thank you very much! Opapi~

  3. You"re the best! Opapi^)

  4. Gah I won't be able to watch this till next Thursday ~(>_<。)

    But before I leave for my trip, I just wanna say thank youuuuuuuu for another awesome video (´∀`)♡

  5. Thank you so much for another episode of shabekuri 007 ^^

    i really don't know if i like or dislike this actress. she is sweet and kinda innoncent but she is so slow and a little dumb it gets annoying

    I'm portuguese ^_^ and it's true that we don't have castera here but i read somewhere that castera it's similar to a very famous cake we have. i really would love to try it :D

    once again thank you so much for all the hard work subbing and sharing another awesome episode of shabekuri ^^

  6. Woohoo another Shabekuri .. finally!!

    Thanks a lot for always providing subtitles to our favourite TV Shows!