Saturday, 5 November 2011

Video Subbing: (REQUEST): SHABEKURI 007 with ARAGAKI YUI (23.08.2010)

What's up everyone? I've got a couple of videos for you today. The first one is another episode of Shabekuri 007, this time featuring the actress, Aragaki Yui. She is very popular at the moment in Japan, and is probably one of the most well known young stars these days. I hear that she's also quite popular in other Asian countries too. Well anyway, you'll get to know a little bit about her in the video so I'll stop writing about her now. But as I said, it's only a little bit, as the Shabekuri guys go kind of crazy in this one. Well, they always do, but more than usual probably.

Shabekuri 007 (23.08.2011) Aragaki Yui by juxtapose31


The 24 Hour TV that Ueda was talking about at the start of the show is a day that happens once a year, when the TV channel, Nihon TV, play their programs live for 24r hours. During this time they all wear yellow shirts.


GIRI GIRI 007 is a corner of the show where the members ask the guest risky questions such as what celebrity they hate or what celebrity they had/would like to have sex with etc... Although they don't HAVE to answer it, generally the members will try to pressure them into giving an answer. Because their answers may affect other people, they usually put a beeping noise over the name so you can't hear what they say. However there have been instances of the audience letting it slip over the internet or being able to tell what the person is saying from the movement of their mouth. Sometimes they just accidentally slip it out themselves as on live versions, they must manually switch on the beeping noise.

They write all the questions on a piece of paper first and then
 decide which ones are 'Giri Giri Yes' or 'Giri Giri No'. Giri Giri means 'on the verge'/risky

Matsuoke Deluxe is a popular TV personality and gossip columnist. She is a cross dressing homosexual male and has become famous for his/her scathing comments on other people and quick come backs. Oh, and probably because of her/his extreme body size (Deluxe size lol). 

The members gave themselves new nicknames in this episode. 
Arietty: Is the name of the main character from the Ghibli film 'The Borrower Arrietty'.
Tokki~: Tokki~ is actually the name of Tokui's alter-ego character, a gay fashion columinst. He often appears on Shabekuri 007.
Fuki~na: Fukuda's nickname was copied the style of Minami Akina aka Aki~na. She is a popular model/ gravure idol.

Reset Generation...? Was the reaction of everyone when Ueda called them that. The 'Reset Generation', refers to the people that have become so used to playing video games where you can just reset if you lose to start over again, that they think that applies to real life too.


  1. hi.. i really like your subbed vid especially shabekuri. but it seems like i can't watch it at yukou. do you mind to upload it at another sites like youtube or dailymotion? anyway, thanks once again!

  2. Gaaahh serious? lol
    I put it on youku because people have trouble with dailymotion....haha

    Would it be okay if I upload them on mediafire or something so that you can download it? I'm thinking of starting to do that now because of all the problems with video sharing sites not working for some people.

    If not then I'll put them on dailymotion for you :)

  3. T_T i can't view it in youku!!!
    Can you send me the download link of it?
    Or can you send the 4 parts to my email?
    I wanna watch it... and this is eng sub... I want it...
    Anyway, many thanks again!!

  4. hey there,
    thank you sooooo much for subbing shabekuri 007, i love this show even though i don't really understand what they say,
    so do you have any more subbed video for shabekuri 007? i'd really appreciate that, and i know there are a lot of person love to watch it,
    some trouble with the video sharing site, so maybe you share us the download link? mediafire perhaps,

    we are really looking forward to it, ^^

    p.s: more subbed video of shabekuri 007... please,, ^^

  5. Hey everyone sorry if you've been having trouble watching the video(s). I'll be uploading them sometime this week (hopefully) so please be patient with me~

    I'll definitely be working on more Shabekuri in the future, I actually am in the middle of one right now.

    All of the episodes I have done are here:

    Thanks for watching!

  6. i'm really looking forward to it then,
    just for suggestion, for video sharing i think youtube is good for everyone, or if you'd like to just upload it to mediafire is okay too, =)

    p.s: so will you upload your shabekuri episode that you have subbed including this episode of gakki to youtube or mediafire too?
    can't wait to watch it, ^^

  7. Unfortunately youtube is not a viable option as most videos just instantly get taken off for copyright reasons.So I will be uploading everything that I have done onto mediafire (or something similar) in the next two days. Sorry for the wait!

  8. okay then, mediafire is okay , and youku is okay too now, thanks for your posting about how to download it from youku, =)

    and i have sent a message to your email about my request of more shabekuri 007 videos to be subbed,

    i just love this show, too bad i don't really know nihongo, =)

  9. Thank you for subbing this :D
    Definetly so much funnier when I know whats being said haha

  10. Thanks so much for this!
    Would you be able to sub this Gakky one as well?

    Many thanks for your work!

  11. Would you ever consider doing a Giri Giri 007? It sounds interesting even if we don't know the celebrities.