Friday, 7 February 2014

So it seems you want Subernai Hanashi

The results of the poll that I created about a week ago, asking what you'd like me to subtitle next showed an overwhelming support for another Suberanai Hanashi episode.

It won by a mile, and so, that's what I'll  be working on next.

Hopefully it won't take too long.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Hmm you choose?

Soo, I haven't started on the next video yet, but am thinking of possibly starting soon.
I've been trying to decide what to do, but am a but sick of the usual options that I have been going for.
How about something new? Or some other kind of show I've never or rarely done before.

I dunno, you choose.

I'll give you some options.

1. Sekai No Hate Made ItteQ!
(Going All The Way To The Ends of the World!) ....or somthing

This is a show which each week sends some comedians and talents to travel to another country to cover a certain topic. For example, Miyagawa Daisuke, who you may know from the Suberanai hanashi series, is sent off to investigate and take part in the various festivals around the world. These range from the well known bull chases in Spain, to obscure, village eel catching contests in South East Asia. Another popular talent to emerge from this show is Imoto Ayako, who searches for exotic animals (eg, narwhals), and Tegoshi Yuya, a popular male idol who takes on various challenges to learn certain skills like a Chinese tea pouring martial art, or glitter dust artworks.

As an example, here's an ep where they go to Italy to take part in a cardboard box boat race.

Another reason you may like me to sub this is because they may visit your home country in an episode, and that might be insteresting for you!

2. Suberanai Hanashi
I've done this show before several times, but not for a while now, so it feels like about time I did.
But I kind of feel like doing something else too. If you don't know what this show is, just search the blog for it.

3. Documentary/ Something Educational

Rather than just watching nonsensical silly Japanese comedy, maybe it'd be good to watch something a bit more educational and insightful? There are plenty of shows about history or other famous sports figures, politicians, manga artists, etc etc. Maybe leave a comment of what kind of topic you'd like it to be about too?

4. Gurunai
This is just a show about a group of people eating food at an expensive restaurant, and then trying  to guess how much money it'd cost them to eat what they ordered. The person with the worst guess ends up having to pay for the whole group. It features 99, the  hosts from the show Mecha-ike, along with a few other regular casts, and weekly guests. I'm not too keen to do this, but have received a few requests before, so I'm open to subbing this.

Here's an episode example (I haven't watched this particular one, so sorry if it's shit)

5. Music related show
 Like Hey Hey Hey, or Music Champ or some other one that features music. I've done these before, but maybe you want to see more? Whatever, leave a suggestion if you want one like this. Preferably not anymore Gackt things though...

6. Some other show that I usually do

Or just some other show I've done before, like Lincoln or Ametalk or something. You can suggest one here too. Don't expect a Shabekuri one though. Especially if you're gonna be a dick about it.

What show should I sub next? free polls 

Monday, 20 January 2014

Videso Subbing: Gaki no Tsukai (2012.03.25): Tanaka's Breakdown 1

G'day people,

Time for another Gaki video from us at J-Burogu.
In this episode, the Gaki staff investigate allegations that Tanaka has become highly disturbed after the comments made by Matsumoto in "100 Things About Matsumoto" segment. Tanaka is followed by Gaki cameras for about a week to determine why and how Tanaka has changed so suddenly and drastically.

This was a nice surprise of an episode from recent Gaki episodes (oh crap, it's from like 1-2 years ago now haha), it features Tanaka's as he convincingly portrays a character highly unlike him.

Anyway, check it out.

Thanks Hadin for editing :)

dat ass file

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Video Subbing: MOYA MOYA SUMMERS (2012.04.29) at Mt. Takao

Merry Christmas people!

Long time no blog post.

I've finally finished a video, it's getting longer and longer for me to finish one unfortunately.
Strange since I actually started this one fairly early compared to what I have been in the past few vids.

I'd like to be more active with this blog but it requires quite a lot of time and effort, and I find it hard to be bothered these days. Unfortunately for you guys.

So here's a Moya Moya Summers episode that I just finished working on.
This time, they visit Takaosan, aka Mt. Takao, a mountain near Tokyo that is very popular destination for tourists and casual mountain hikers. It's more of the laid back wandering around that you may be accustomed to seeing from this show, with Summers making fun of things that they see or hear along the way, in their chilled style of comedy.

I hope you enjoy it, and have a merry christmas, or just a nice holiday if you don't celebrate it.