Sunday, 11 December 2011

Video Subbing (REQUEST): Toda Erika on Shabekuri 007 (2011.10.03)

Hey hey hey~, here's Toda Erika on the show Shabekuri 007. It's from a 2 hour special featuring others but I was only requested to do this bit (thankfully) so here it is. Toda Erika has been popular actress for the past  few years after starring in hits dramas like 'Code Blue' and 'Liars Game'. She also starred in the very successful 'Deathnote' movie. Get ready for more Shabekuri silliness as the boys do more nonsensical jokes once again.

Get from Mediafire [159 MB]

Shabekuri 007_(2011.10.03) Toda Erika by juxtapose31


  1. wow, this one is great! they really know how to keep a show going.

    arita is the lifeblood of this show because the shabekuri format fits him so well.i couldn't see him as a host of a show or anything like that, but he really does have a knack for comedy. i hope he gets the recognition he deserves

  2. thanks a lot for subbing this ep ^

  3. I really like this " main host " in the show. Kind, clever and not too much over the top. So here is a little (!) request considering him, link:
    And they are talking something about Nausicaä as well! But, of course, only if you have time and interest. You have already been too kind. Take care!

  4. @ Anonymous 1: Yeah! I'm a big fan of Arita. Although it's Ueda hosting the show, he's usually the one starting jokes and controlling the other members.

    @Anonymous 2: Your welcome!

    @Anonymous 3: Yeah, Ueda is considered one of the top hosts in Japan~. As for your request, someone else has asked me to do that already so it's on my 'to do list'. :)

  5. I'm such a huge fan of Toda and of course the 7 comedian guys too. Thank god i found your blog. I really appreciate all your works even though i did not leave comments in all your entries=/ So thank you very much=) Hope to see more Shabekuri in the future. I don't care which ep or who the guest is, as long as its Shabekuri♥ And if you sub any Toda related, i would be extremely happy XD

  6. Thank You So Much~
    Laugh definitely is the best medicine ^^
    but kinda wonder why the link is not appear,there is no Play button to stream it?is it already removed?
    anyway Thanks for kindly subbing it ^^

  7. yay more shabekuri 007, thank you very much.