Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Help Gozilla Survive Button

Hey everyone,

I hope life is treating you all well.
University has recommenced for me this week (sigh....) so I'm going to be a bit more busy from now on. Even so, I think I have a bit more motivation to sub videos than I have for a while, so there shouldn't be too much of a slow down in pace regarding that.

Anyway, that's not really relevant to this post. You may, or may not have noticed, that I placed a "Donation" button on this page since a few weeks ago. I hadn't brought your attention to it earlier, as my aim is not to get money from subbing videos, however, I understand that some people like to show their appreciation with monetary gifts rather than just a simple thank you (which is still fine with me).

I did have a donation button up for a very short period about a year ago, but sort of felt guilty about it so pulled it down. I've decided to put it back up, as several people have said they would like to be able to give donations......and money is nice.

You are free to choose the amount you would like to provide, and you do not even have to give me anything really.

But the option is there for those who would like to.

Just click on the new "Help Godzilla Survive" button on the top left corner.

I have actually received a donation from one lovely individual, so thank you very much for that!
Hopefully you will enjoy the videos I work on in the future too!


  1. Love the stuff you do Godzilla
    really appreciate it
    thus I'm leaving a donation


    PS for anyone thinking to donate, its in AUD

    1. Thank you very much for the donation!
      And yes, it is in AUD. I think it's uncharacteristically expensive at the moment so be careful lol.

      Sorry if you felt tricked.

  2. Thank you very much for the subbing work you do. It has opened up a whole new world of laughter, comedy, and interest in Japanese culture for me. It is also a great pick me up during difficult times. I'm happy to leave a donation.

    1. You're welcome for the videos, and thank you very much for the donation!

  3. Ohh i`m happy that i was the first who donated. Just saw the button and had to think about all the things you did for the community already. Its pretty cool to give something back. I have donated to Australia before but usually it was to the "Buddhist Society Western Australia" (I´m a great fan). Now i`ve got another place to donate to :-)

    1. Yes, thank you very much! I really appreciate your contribution.

      Buddhist Society? Okay, cool!