Sunday, 3 March 2013

VIDEO SUBBING: Suberanai Hanashi 5 (2006.03.28)

Hey hey hey

Here's Suberanai Hanashi 5.
No more words are necessary.

Although, I'd be interested in who you thought was funniest.


Suberanai Hanashi 5 ENG SUB by juxtapose31



This guy is a legendary rock musician. He started out in the band, Carol, and later had a very successful solo career. He is often parodied in GnT, including a few times in the "Don't Laugh" series by the producer Nakamura.

Ebisu is one of the "7 Gods of Fortune" along with some other stuff like fishing and kid's health. He's also the mascot character for "Ebisu Beer" (Wiki)

This is a video of the festival that Kendo Kobayashi was talking about.


  1. woohoo =) more suberanai ! thanks so much godzilla !

    1. Never thought the Japanese would be thanking Godzilla.

  2. Amazing! Just what I needed right now. Thank you so much.

  3. YES! I was really hoping you would do this next! This is actually the first time I am thanking you, but it is for many many videos of course, as well as the extremely useful cultural education you provide. I'm currently learning Japanese so I can enjoy these shows more, one thing feeds the other, you know. Anyway, greetings from Australia, your work reaches out to many of us that love to laugh and love Japanese everything. Cheers!


    1. You're very welcome, from Australia as well.

  4. Thank you very much!!! I still hope you will do another Oogirish Night! or Moya Moya Summers!

    1. Lucky dude, a Moya moya episode will be up in a few days.

  5. Thanks for the subs! :)

    Hosshan's stories were the best imo, especially the one with the old lady.
    But what kind of rule (or custom) is that, that you can't take thrash out this way? Or was it because there is too much and it falls out of the container?

    There were a lot of grey messages, so each time those popped up there was an intermission on TV? That would be quite a lot actually.

    I was a bit unsure about Matsumoto. I mean, it's ok, that not everyone can easily learn languages, but he can't say "Water please!" at his age? Even more because of his show, Heyx3 with Hamada - there were a lot of foreign guests and many Japanese songs contain English words anyway. It's hard to believe that he doesn't know at least that much.
    Furthermore, he laughed at the "Hoekago!"~"Forever Go!" joke. If he is so bad at English, then how come he understood that? I think he was only laughing in this case to not to be rude.

    1. -Neighbourhoods or apartment buildings have designated spots to leave your trash out, so that trucks can come and collect them. You're meant to take them out in the morning of collection, and although it wouldn't really matter some, other people (mainly older ones) can be a bit anal about it, like in the video. Mainly for the same reasons as in the video too(cats make a mess, or just because its the rules etc)

      -Yeah, Japanese shows have lots of advertisements.

      -As for Matsumoto, I think it might be because he's really quite shy in his private life. But it is a bit strange, since he often says random English words when he's talking, although many times, are not used correctly lol.

      -Also, Japanese people usually know random phrases that aren't really useful. And as you mentioned, a lot of their music features random English words. "Forever" and "Go" are really quite common so he easily could have learned these.

      -Even so, it is a bit suspicious that Mats wouldn't know how to ask for water.