Saturday, 29 December 2012

Video Subbing: Nasubi (Ep 1 & 2) from Susunu! Denpa Shounen

Hello again people,

I'm back with another video. It's only a 10 minute one so it was very quick to do.
It's a request that I received quite some time back which I found interesting, but got stuck in the line a bit, etc etc. Well, I felt like getting started on it so here it is.

It's from a show called "Susunu! Denpa Shounen" the follow-up show for "Susume! Depna Shounen". The only difference there is the "nu" and "me"  switching in the "Susume/nu" part. This was because the hiragana "nu" and "me" characters look similar.

Check wikipedia for a bit more on the show

The videos that I'll be subbing will be from the Prize Contest Life section of the show featuring Nasubi, a strange looking (Nasubi means eggplant) but loveable guy that gets locked in a room and told to try and live solely on the prizes that he win through contests on magazines. Oh yeah...and all of this while butt naked.

It was a very shocking and controversial thing to do even by the standards of Japanese TV back then (90's), but it cemented the show's place as an iconic part of Japanese television history. It's kind of like a sick psychological experiment, and apparently Nasubi went through some tough times with issues like isolation, boredom, frustration and so on, although these aren't shown on TV......

Well I'll let you find out the rest through this video and the rest that I will sub from now on...

.....The only problem is that this is the only one I have. There used to be some on a video streaming site (can't remember the name....) which I watch, but they have since been deleted. If anyone has the rest, please upload them for me and others!

Nasubi 1 by juxtapose31


  1. Thank you as always!

  2. Thanks for the subs. I think all episodes were on hulu and subbed, but they took it down. I hope someone can provide the other episodes.

  3. Hey Godzilla, I have two links for episode 1 and 2. They are both 20 min long and already subbed. If I get permission from you, I can post them here.

  4. I always wanted to watch ep 3-7 or w.e but can never find em

  5. thank you and happy new year everyone :)

    ps : thanks to the anonymous post for the vimeo link :)


  7. all in one file of 584 MB :

    I dled them and check them out they are legit, no subs low qual but better than nothing.

    1. I'm not able to access the page for some reason :S

    2. @Godzilla: I've uploaded it on mediafire

      Join it with hjsplit.
      There are 21 episodes, the Korea's are missing.
      If you read this please reply so I could know.
      Thanks for all your works so far.

    3. Heeey, thanks a lot!
      I haven't downloaded yet but will soon.

    4. does anyone have part 2 and 3. The links dont work anymore.

  8. Just keep clicking it, it's a bit finicky for some reason looking forward to the subs.


    here you go... all the episodes on youtube finally...

    the channel is called legal arcade... if anyone can sub these it would be the best thing ever! EVER!!

  10. Hahaha! I don't know why but my English 101 professor told us to search up Nasubi. Funny stuff!

  11. if you find any more episodes please tell me! I really want to see episodes 3 and beyond.

  12. Hey i know this thread is probably long dead but just on the offchance does anyone have part three. nasubi 2.7z.003. the first two can be found on mediafire and still work the third doesnt. If anyone has this it would be appreciated.

  13. Goddamnit! We wanna see the full Nasubi saga subtitled!