Monday, 7 January 2013

Links to Shabekuri with subs

Hey there,

I received a couple of links to some new Shabekuri 007 eps with subs.
These weren't done by me but I figured you'd probably be interested anyway, so here~

Kamnenashi Kazuya from KAT-TUN

KARA's second appearance.

Thanks to the anonymous who shared these.

There will be another Shabekuri episode done by me in a few days, although it will be one from a few years back, featuring Nakamura Toru and Korean girl group Brown Eyed Girls.....


  1. hey :)

    i'm the anonymous poster of those links ^^
    thanks for posting this in front page :)

    i already post shabekuri links in the chat by the past and i'll do it again hopefully ! Thanks to you i discover this show and became a total fan!

    Can't wait for your new episode =)
    Arigatô godzillaradio !

  2. Much appreciated.