Sunday, 2 December 2012

Video Subbing: Ametalk (2011.08.11) Sakigake! Otokojuku Comedians


It has been a while-ish.

I've subbed another Ameta-lk! episode again after quite some time. Continuing with the tradition here on this blog, it's another episode focusing on a popular anime/manga series. This time around it's....SAKIGAKE! OTOKOJUKU!!

That manga name was meant to be said in a particular type of voice, which you will hear if you watch the video.

"Sakigake! Otokojuku" (literally Charge! Men's Private School) was a popular manga series published on the Weekly Jump Magazine in the later half of the 1980's. It was originally a sort of a satirical take on macho fighting manga such as "Fist of the North Star" and "Jojo's Bizarre Adventures" that were also popular at the time.

Basically it's about an ultra-nationalistic private school that takes in violent delinquents from around the country and beats into them how to be a strong Japanese manly man. Lots of extreme rules and traditions exist at this school, such as being forced to commit suicide if you each lunch early during class. Crazy, but still funny, because it's not real.

Anyway, you'll get to know the quirky sides of this manga a lot more if you watch.....

Sorry about the quality of the video... I couldn't find any better ones.
Also, it'll be up on dailymotion in a few days so don't moan about it please :)

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  1. Thanks a lot man! I'm reading about positive thinking these days and now this...

    Thanks a lot,

    from the guy who asked you to do Sakigake :P

  2. I just saw it and it was great! Thanks a lot!

    "Is that for real" :P and Minmei Shoubo should really exist... Go Liu Fu :D

  3. This is one of your best videos yet. I know a lot of japanese TV shows but never thought such a funny episode existed that I hadn't seen. Thanks for the hidden gem

  4. I'm happy that you enjoyed it! Hopefully I'll do more to match it or exceed it!

  5. There is also a great (subtitled) live-action 1:50h movie of it.
    Release date: 2008-01-26
    In the background of the last fight is Fuji-san. If only because of that it is worth watching it.

    Title: Be a Man! Samurai School(魁!!男塾)