Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas everyone!

I hope you have a good one this year (if you celebrate it).
I don't particularly celebrate it so hopefully you all enjoy the day regardless of your beliefs lol.

There is currently a London Hearts episode making it's way onto mediafire, and a link will be posted tomorrow on Christmas Day.

........As a present obviously. Although, I'll admit that my subtitling pace has severely slowed down. But to be fair, the current video took ages to do, it's about 52 minutes long, which is almost 10 minutes longer than usual.

Also, the place I live in (Australia) is around one day ahead of America and many other countries so the message about Xmas being tomorrow might have confused some of my followers. Ha.

We also have a hot and sunny Christmas, rather than a white Christmas here (hence the picture...)

Well, anyway, I hope you have jolly merry day!



  1. merry xmas everyone =)

  2. It's this time of year again :D. Happy Holidays! It's already been another year... Don't stress too much about having to upload either, we appreviate the work.