Monday, 20 February 2012

Video Subbing [REQUEST]: NOT INCULDING AKB48 IDOL SPORTS CARNIVAL from Mecha Mecha Iketeru! (2011.09.17)

 Hey everyone,

It's been a while since I last posted here compared to usual. I was away for a bit doing other stuff.
So anyway, here's the latest video sub job. This time it's a show that I haven't subbed before, but an extremely popular show in Japan called Mecha Mecha Iketeru! (aka Mecha Ike). It means something like "Super Super Cool" kind of thing and is hosted by the comedy duo 'Ninety-nine' and a bunch of other lesser known comedians. Ninety-nine consists of Okamura Takashi and Yabe Hiroyuki and shot to stardom with this show. To be honest, the show isn't quite what it used to be like back in the 90's when they did a lot of crazy funny stuff. I think it has been toned down a lot now because censorship has become much more strict in Japan nowadays. Also, Okamura who is the life blood of the show was hospitalized last year and has seemed to lost quite a bit of his characteristic hyperactive energy. I'm intending on subtitling some hilarious older episodes eventually so keep an eye out for those.

This one was a requested episode where they have an 'Idol Sports Carnival Not Including AKB48'. You may know that AKB48 are right now the undisputed top idol group in Japan and dominate TV and music. Well this episode features the other moderately popular idols (although no Morning Musume either) battle it out at some challenges. Here's the list of contestants:

Berryz Koubou
Nakano Fujoshi Sisters
Ebisu Muscats 

Just thought you should know beforehand that Ebisu Muscats are a group with 50% AV stars and 50% gravure idols.
Well anyway, it's a fairly funny episode but you may be annoyed by some of the girls......


I'm sure there were more than this but oh well.

Monster parents are described as parents who repeatedly make unreasonable demands to their children’s school and prevent it from functioning normally. Like demanding a teacher to be fired because he has a speaks in a different dialect. There's a TV drama about something like that actually...


Yabecchi FC is a soccer show hosted by Yabe Hiroyuki of Ninety-nine. As Yabe hosts this without his comedy partner, Okamura is often teased about this. That's why he was extra angry (said "Shut up!") when the girl mentioned it.

You possibly may have used your imagination to understand what this was? Well I'll explain it anyway lol
If a male did that Jamaican dance movement, his .......dick would slap onto both of his thighs and be like a drum.

Not really a good idea to post a picture of actual dick drumming so.....


  1. Taking because of AKB48. :D
    Thank you very much.

    1. You're welcome. There's no AKB though lol :)

    2. LoL. Should've read the whole thing before downloading. Haha.. Well, it's good to recognize some other idols than AKB too. :)

  2. Heh, I never would've expected this to be subbed. I saw watched this whole thing unsubbed on a forum and loved it. Also, being a Ebisu Muscats fan, I would like to clarify that the group is about 50% AV stars and 50% gravure idols (there's also a rival group called Black Muscats or B.M.S. for short). If you're looking for something to sub about them, I can probably hook you up with an episode of their variety show, "Onedari Muscat SP!!".

    1. Thanks for the clarification about Ebisu Muscats. I know where to find episodes from their show, although I've never watched it before. I'll take a look sometime.

  3. I wouldn't call the rest of the cast lesser knowned. Yoiko / Oasis / Kato Koji are pretty famous too. and the shows cast also consists of Models , Gravure idols , Actors And also SAN-CHAN! Not only comedians. I was actually pretty happy that you subbed a mecha ike episode but of all the episodes why an idol sports carnival! :sadface:

  4. Hasn't this already been subbed?

    [TPF] Berryz Koubou, Smileage, etc - Mechaike (2011.09.17).mp4

    1. Anon from the post above this22 February 2012 at 11:04

      Yes it has. thats why i didn't like this idol sports carnival. Since most of these groups already have their own fansubbing groups its better to sub the better mechaike episodes than this idol stuff -.-

    2. Yeah, someone else told me that. Wasted my time huh? The reason I did it was because it was requested. As I wrote on the post I'll be doing more eventually (episodes that I choose).

  5. Thank u for subbing! I like MechaIke eps w/ idols, regardless male or female. They are always hilarious. :D
    Hope u will sub more MechaIke in the future!

  6. It says the mediafire account ran out of resources and is temporarily unavailable.

  7. The link seems to be broken.

  8. Works now, thanks!