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Video Subbing [REQUEST]: Murakami Shoji Ninja Class from GAKI NO TSUKAI YA ARAHENDE! (2006.09.17)


University has recommenced for me this week, so I won't be getting as much time to work on subtitling. I still will try to when I have the time to but they probably won't be released as often as before. Better than nothing though.

Here's an episode from the long running show, Downtown's  "Gaki no Tsukai Ya Arahende". This show has a very strong following on the internet by people around the world, largely thanks to their 24 hour batsu games, which have been uploaded by some people onto youtube. Even if you don't know what I'm talking about already, you quite probably have seen some before. The most famous seems to be a comedian called Jimmy Ohnishi trying to count in English but says, "ten ten" instead of 20 and "ten ten ten" instead of 30 and so on.
If you haven't seen it.................WATCH IT! You are missing out on one of the greatest pleasures of this earth.
I'll be happy to give you links if you can't be bothered searching  yourselves.

So this video is the first volume of Murakami Shoji's Classroom Series. It's the only one I have seen so far, as there are so many Gaki episodes to watch, I haven't gotten around to them yet. There seem to be lots of interesting sounding ones (such as pirates and Ghostbuster classes) so I'm curious as to what they're like. Well anyway, for their first lesson they learn how to be ninja..........sort of.

Thanks to al4bandi for the timing :D


Gaki no Tsukai (Ninja) by juxtapose31


Murakami Shoji is a veteran comedian mostly famous for his 'suberi' comedy, which basically means 'not funny' comedy. Kind of paradoxical, but the laughs are due to the awkward atmosphere it creates rather than the actual joke. He is the senior of all of the gang here, including Downtown (notice how Hamada called him 'big bro').  He has a long history with Downtown as well as the comedian Akashiya Sanma and often appears on their shows.

The Yagyu Clan were a powerful clan of feudal lords and also founders of one of the most famous styles of swordsmanship, the Yagyu Shinkage-ryu. They were also very close to the Tokugawa family, who were the rulers of Japan at the time, by teaching them sword fighting and kind of being their elite squad of samurai.

These are the names of the two most famous Ninja clans/provinces. I'll let wikipedia do the explaining.

The Iga and Kōga clans have come to describe families living in the province of Iga (modern Mie Prefecture) and the adjacent region of Kōka (later written as Kōga), named after a village in what is now Shiga Prefecture. From these regions, villages devoted to the training of ninja first appeared.[25] The remoteness and inaccessibility of the surrounding mountains may have had a role in the ninja's secretive development.[24] Historical documents regarding the ninja's origins in these mountainous regions are considered generally correct.[26] The chronicle Go Kagami Furoku writes, of the two clans' origins:
There was a retainer of the family of Kawai Aki-no-kami of Iga, of pre-eminent skill in shinobi, and consequently for generations the name of people from Iga became established. Another tradition grew in Kōga.[26]
Likewise, a supplement to the Nochi Kagami, a record of the Ashikaga shogunate, confirms the same Iga origin:
Inside the camp at Magari of the Shogun [Ashikaga] Yoshihisa there were shinobi whose names were famous throughout the land. When Yoshihisa attacked Rokkaku Takayori, the family of Kawai Aki-no-kami of Iga, who served him at Magari, earned considerable merit as shinobi in front of the great army of the Shogun. Since then successive generations of Iga men have been admired. This is the origin of the fame of the men of Iga.[27]
A distinction is to be made between the ninja from these areas, and commoners or samurai hired as spies or mercenaries. Unlike their counterparts, the Iga and Kōga clans produced professional ninja, specifically trained for their roles.[21] These professional ninja were actively hired by daimyos between 1485 and 1581,[21] until Oda Nobunaga invaded Iga province and wiped out the organized clans.[28] Survivors were forced to flee, some to the mountains of Kii, but others arrived before Tokugawa Ieyasu, where they were well treated.[29] Some former Iga clan members, including Hattori Hanzō, would later serve as Tokugawa's bodyguards.[30]
Following the Battle of Okehazama in 1560, Tokugawa employed a group of eighty Kōga ninja, led by Tomo Sukesada. They were tasked to raid an outpost of the Imagawa clan. The account of this assault is given in the Mikawa Go Fudoki, where it was written that Kōga ninja infiltrated the castle, set fire to its towers, and killed the castellan along with 200 of the garrison.[31] The Kōga ninja are said to have played a role in the later Battle of Sekigahara (1600), where several hundred Kōga assisted soldiers under Torii Mototada in the defence of Fushimi Castle.[32] After Tokugawa's victory at Sekigahara, the Iga acted as guards for the inner compounds of Edo Castle, while the Kōga acted as a police force and assisted in guarding the outer gate.[30] In 1614, the initial "winter campaign" at the Siege of Osaka saw the ninja in use once again. Miura Yoemon, a ninja in Tokugawa's service, recruited shinobi from the Iga region, and sent 10 ninja into Osaka Castle in an effort to foster antagonism between enemy commanders.[33] During the later "summer campaign", these hired ninja fought alongside regular troops at the Battle of Tennōji.[33]

Hadakano Taisho was a drama shown between 1980~1994. In short, it's about a wandering artist that goes to various towns and ends up settling disputes of the people he meets. The main character is a fat slobby looking kind of guy.


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