Friday, 2 December 2011

Video Subbing: (REQUEST): Gackt on Waratte Iitomo (11.30.2011)

I didn't really want to do another Gackt video so soon but since it was a very recent video I decided to do it. I generally give recent videos priority because I realise that people would like to know newer and more relevant news about their favourite artists. Plus it was a short clip. It's pretty low quality but that's the best that can be found at the moment. He comes on this show to advertise his new single "Graffiti" which has a (in my opinion) very annoying cover. He does this cheesy face in the video a number of times when he gets the chance too hehe. One a better note, his hair is growing back and it made me realise again that he does look a lot better with hair covering his whole head. Feel free to share this with all your Gackt buddy community people too if you want. Just don't take credit for it though ♪

For mediafire link (83mb)

It was good too see someone not overwhelmed by Gackts super sex symbol status for once. Usually they treat him like a God or a King and try not to say anything bad about him. Tamori on the other hand pointed out that some snot dribbled out of his nose for a second. Maybe his black sunglasses deflect the strange aura that Gackt emits? Who knows.

I kind of sound like a Gackt hater after what I wrote but I assure you I'm not. I wouldn't have subbed so many video of the guy if I was.


  1. Has anyone ever told you how kind and generous and absolutely amazing you are? Thank you! Somehow it always seems that older interviewers are much better than younger ones...and discussions between these two has always been very pleasant and "open" in a way. Pleasure to watch. Thank you again.

  2. Your subs aren't the most awesome thing (even if they are ! LOL) but the quality of your video ! I'm searching again and again and can't managed to find something better, until you ! :)

    So thank you again, it's really appreciated ! ^_^

    PS : I'm still wondering where you could have found that ! :P

  3. @ Anonymous: Thanks a lot for the compliments! Glad you enjoyed it. Well I suppose the older interviewers have more experience and they're more....sensible?

    @Tenshin26100: I got it from a website called Pandora.

    You have to use either a site called 'vid-dl to get it off this site. I've explained how to here:

    One difference is that with Pandora video's you have to right click the big orange button that appears on 'vd-dl', copy the link address and then use a program called 'flashget' to download. It sounds like a long process and confusing but it's not really. Pandora has a lot of great videos too so it's very handy to know how to do this.

    If you have any trouble just let me know.

  4. Thanks a lot for your anwser dear ! :)
    I'e avoided Pandora TV lately because the videos aren't loading well on my computer, but I guess your trick will help me a lot. My usual softwares, who usually works didn't worked, so I'm glad you anwsered me ! :)

    Thanks a lot once again, my Keyhole rip of that show was so crappy, I can't thank you enough ! <3

  5. It worked, without Flashget, it wouldn't have worked at all, so thank you again, for the last time ! lol

  6. No problem. There's a lot more subtitled Gackt videos on here so feel free to look around.

  7. hello there... ummm... Im having a hard time loading the video... error maybe... Btw, thank you for ur subs and great work! Bless you! <3

  8. kimpotskee: A lot of people seem to get that problem with whatever site I upload it on....You might need to refresh it as sometimes it doesn't load properly. If not then I'll have to get you to try one of these downloading methods I've suggested


  9. Ýou got a great blog here! Wonderful to find this video subbed but Youku (?) I believe gives me hard times, too many times. If not impossible and too time consuming, would I ask mediafire link, please?

  10. I love you so much!! Thank you for making my life better!!