Friday, 2 December 2011

Video Subbing: (REQUEST): Domoto Tsuyoshi's Shojiki Shindoi with Manga Artist: Urasawa Naoki

Ahoy there!

Here comes more videos today. Due to it being holidays for me now I have a lot more time to do these things plus I think I've gotten a lot faster too or something. I remember when it took several hours just to do a short clip under 10 minutes....

This is a very interesting video, especially if you like manga, and especially again if you like manga by the Urasawa Naoki. He is the creator behind multiple critically acclaimed works such as the Monster, Pluto and 20th Century Boys. He is definitely one of my favourite manga artists (in my top 5 at least), so it was great to see what kind of person he is through this video. You don't often come across entertaining videos featuring manga artists so if you're interested in stuff like that, do watch. The show is hosted by Domoto Tsuyoshi of Kinki Kids, who I quite like, despite being Johnny's Boy. He (and his partner) don't really seem like typical Johnny kids anyway, they're way too laid back and cool for them. Plus they can genuinely be funny. I really enjoyed this video so if you have anymore requests like this then fire away~



As you may have noticed recently, I haven't bothered to do very detailed translation notes like I used to. That's because.......well I can't be bothered. It takes too long. haha sorry but that's the case. I've started to put many of them on the video anyway too. So I'll only be writing stuff that I remember or are things that really really need explaining.


At the start Mr. Urasawa starts saying "Tsuyoshi! Oi Tsuyoshi!". As Domoto pointed out this was an impersonation of Yusuke Santamaria on his regular show 'Pu-SMA' with Kusanagi Tsuyoshi from SMAP.
On the show he regularly calls out to his partner like the way Mr. Urasawa says, and since Domoto shares the same name 'Tsuyoshi' he was saying that Yusuke could say it in this show too.


  1. this is great! i know its not as popular as the gackt or downtown videos but it was really interesting. i really like your choices in subbing, so if this was fun for you i'd like to see more!

  2. Yeah! I'd like to do more of these too. If you find something like this then please let me know.

  3. It´s so funny :D. I especially like their session. May I ask for a download link?

    1. I've put up a link now~

    2. Thank u very much!

  4. Thank you for this.
    it's a fun episode,we can look another side of a mangaka and furthermore it's Urasawa Naoki-sensei.

  5. Thanks for your work here! It was interesting as well as the usual amusing. I agree with Tsuyoshi - were Yusuke and Buffalo really necessary? Not really!
    By the way, the first of the two embedded videos starts almost four minutes in for some reason. I double checked. You can just drag it back to see the start of course but some viewers might not realize that the introduction was missed.