Sunday, 4 December 2011


Hello, thanks for visiting J Bugoru~

I thought it was about time I did a post that wasn't a video sub as that's kinda all I seem to do these days.
Even so, I couldn't really think of something I could bother to write about that wasn't music related, like usual. Well it's not like I thought very hard about it and there's probably lot's of people who've done this before but oh well.

So here it is. My top five favourite Ghibli films.

The main reason that I chose to do this was because I've seen all of them (apart from the most recent one)
so I can give an accurate decision, based on my preferences. It most probably won't be the same 80% of you reading this but I'm sure that you'll understand that it's just my opinion.

Well it's safe to say that all Ghibli films are amazingly beautiful and/or have excellent stories so they're mostly all deserve to be in the top five but obviously I'll enjoy watching some more than others. Oh and I'm assuming that you'd have watched them too so won't really be writing a short synopsis or anything hehe.

5. Grave of the Fireflies
This really should be at least one place higher, but it goes in 5th place. Why? Because it's soooo saaaad!!!
No other Ghibli film makes me think or feel various emotions as much as this one, but it almost brings me to tears and doesn't really leave me feeling good after watching it. Well it shouldn't really, since it's about the mercilessness of war. I remember that I could barely watch this when I was a little kid (like five and under or something) because of some of the gross scenes (rotting people). I didn't really understand what it was about very much back then. It was only later on in life that I realised just how serious and heartbreaking this story is. It makes me grateful for being born in this time period where I'm not deprived of anything and surviving is super easy. Hopefully the world doesn't become like that again. An interesting thing I heard about this movie was that the director decided to model the big brother on the modern teenage boy rather than what they may have been like back then so that the modern audience could relate to him more.

4. Laputa Castle in the Sky
This film really tickles my sense of wanting for adventure. If only worlds like this actually existed in real life! I always find stories about long lost civilisations with extremely advanced technology interesting. For example, Atlantis or Mu that is said by some to have sunk deep beneatht he oceans somewhere, or even in video games. There's a not particularly well known rpg called Oriental Blue on Game Boy that had a theme like that. It's personally one of the games that I enjoyed playing the most, staying up till ridiculous times at night playing....and getting in trouble the next morning for not being able to wake up. lol

Haha....anyway so Laputa just has one of those themes that I really love and find enchanting. It also has great characters, and one of the best bad guys ever in Muska. You really end up hating this guy. He's also inadvertently funny, at least to me, and a lot of his lines have become staple jokes among my siblings and I. Well....I didn't really discuss much about the film here but oh well.

Ahhh and I can't be bothered writing anymore at the moment. I'll post 3~1 in the coming days yo~


  1. Great movies both of them. "Fireflies" is THE saddest movie ever. Almost horrible. Imbossible to watch without crying. And yet so beautiful.

  2. Thanks for the comment. Yeah~ it's.......sad (T_T)
    yet beautiful as you said. Totally agree.

  3. I can't do a top 5 since I've only watched 3 Ghibli films
    (ノд<。)゜ (random comment)

  4. Gaah!! You should definitely watch more! haha.

  5. True! I need to watch more.
    By the way, Totoro icon is not in your top 5? hehe
    (Cat bus so cute! Imagine yourself literally sitting in a cat lol it must be so fluffy and so disturbing)

    And above all, how come Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind is not in your top 5! (at least I've watched the first Ghibli film lol) So far from what I can remember, this film is really great. Probably as excellent as Princess Mononoke.

  6. Yeah~ basically all Ghibli flims deserve to be top 5 lol. But I just prefer the others to Totoro. I found the cat bus kinda scary at first. Well a least it's face is a bit scary haha.

    Mmmm....I was thinking about Nausicaa too but that song with the little kid singing bothers me...

  7. True about this song (I was laughing at some youtube comments on related to other lalala videos requesting the lyrics lol)
    But this film is still great (maybe except Nausicaä theme) and I need to watch it again (Mononoke princess too).
    Nausicaä makes me also think to Dragon Ball at the same time. Toriyama Akira must have been a huge fan of Ghibli film.
    (someone took some screencaps (middle of the page)

    Did you watch Pompoko? How was it? I wanted to watch it for the tanuki.

    By the way, I've just read that Araki Shingo passed away last week. This so sad. Galaxy Express 999, The Rose of Versailles, Ulysses 31, Cat's Eye, and above all Saint Seiya and so much anime will truly miss him .
    I can't believe that he was in France recently, I wish I was there, at least just to see him (sigh):

  8. That was an interesting site about Toriyama Akira's artwork although I couldn't read it XD. I could basically figure it out from just the pictures anyway so it's all good.

    Pompoko is entertaining. It's a comedy it's pretty funny and has a great scene when heaps of tradition Japanese ghosts come out. I won't let you know too much or it will spoil it hehe.

    That's a shame that Araki Shingo died! He was a great character designer for lots of legendary works like you mentioned. What was he doing in France?