Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Video Subbing: (REQUEST): ELISA on Anime-TV (11.09.2011)

Hey here's another requested video of the singer Elisa on Anime-TV. It's amazing how much her appearance has changed since the last video, which was taken 7 months before this one. I think she's overdone it a bit though.....

Get from Mediafire (30 MB)


  1. Thanks for the subs.

    Do you think her appearance changed that much? Maybe this is the effect of coming of age ceremonies lol (kidding)
    What I can say is she lost so much weight! (her face is more slender)

    In my opinion, seeing the little segment of her new PV, it seems like her management is focusing her more on an Jpop friendly image (probably to reach a wider audience) than a specific image with a lot of red everywhere.

  2. Haha yeah I meant her weight has decreased a lot. Her face does look more slender and its nice, but her legs looked unnaturally thin....(-_-) maybe it's just me?

  3. I agree. Although she said she ate ice creams during summer, I can't believe her about that because she lost weight so fast... Her diet seems to be rather extreme.
    (But recently I read an article of male Idol claiming he lost more than 50kg in one and half months... Yeah, now there is some kind of contest to see who is loosing more... Anyway if he really lost 50kg, that would mean he lost at least 1 Elisa! lol because I guess Elisa is around 50kg now (or maybe even less))

  4. 50kg!!?!??!? That's.....he must have been about 100kg then!