Monday, 14 November 2011


Hey there, here's another short video today. The good thing about small videos are that I can pretty much finish one and post it up everyday. This video is of Matsuura Aya and one of my favourite musicians, Tokyo Jihen (and Shina Ringo) on the show Music Station. Every year, this show has a concert called 'Super Live' where they invite many of the stars of that year and play live on TV.

I didn't translate the Tokyo Jihen song as it's quite complicated and sort of cryptic. It was also written in olden style Japanese in some parts and basically, it was too hard for me.....Since I didn't translate that one I didn't think it would be fair to translate Matsuura's song either. Well to be honest I was kind of lazy.....

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  1. You must read mind!
    I wanted to request you a video with Matsuura but I didn't want to burden you with another request since I know you were already busy with all the requests that people sent you so I didn't want to take advantage of your kindness.
    Thank you so much for taking this project!!

    You should have told me that you would translate a video featuring Matsuura because I would have tried to help you to time Tokyo Jihen's Shuraba and Matsuura's Ki ga Tsukeba Anata since the translations of these 2 songs are already available on the web :)
    (my experience with subbing is mainly focused on Matsuura videos karaoke lol)

    By the way, what type of connotation has the word "moe" for Japanese people? (I've read this was a word born with otaku culture) Because Matsuura seemed to be a bit embarrassed when Shina Ringo told her she was moe with her outfit lol

  2. Wow. That was a nice suprise. I'm glad to hear that Japanese icon Ringo likes Aya :)
    Killer Tune is one of my absolute favorite songs, and Aya of course my Goddess.
    So this sub is a special treat!
    Thanks for this!

  3. @Tako: Haha! Yeah I thought I'd do a Matsuura video since you always comment on my posts. It's only short but it was the only one that I had of her on my computer, and it also had Tokyo Jihen so thought it would be perfect to do.

    Yeah~ I found some translations of the Tokyo Jihen song but....I don't know, they didn't seem very good to be honest...Well it's better than what I could do but I didn't really trust them haha....

    As for's kind of a hard to explain...
    there's a page about it on wikipedia though.

    @Matthecat: Haha yeah it was surprising how much Ringo seemed to like her. It was pretty cute how nervous she got lol

  4. Thanks for subbing another video with Matsuura Aya! It was pretty cute watching her and Ringo compliment each other like that, they really seemed to be quite fond of each other.