Friday, 6 January 2012

Video Subbing: Matsuura Aya and Shiina Ringo on Music Station (HQ version)

Some time ago I subbed a video of Shiina Ringo and Matsuura Aya on the show Music Station. If you've seen it you'll probably know that the quality of the video was bad lol

So for the second time, a dedicated fan of Matsuura Aya has decided to redo it with a high quality version of the video for your viewing pleasure. Unfortunately this version doesn't have the song performance by Shiina Ringo with her band Tokyo Jihen but is still much nicer to look at compared to mine.

Please thank matthecat from the Matsuurian forums for the work.


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  1. Thanks Gozilla. I Would have loved to include Tokyo Jihen's performance as well but unfortunately my source video only had the Aya parts :(

  2. hi, is it possible for you to reupload this somewhere else as megaupload is now closed?