Monday, 28 November 2011

Video Subbing (Request): Imai Miki on A-Studio (24.06.2011)

Hey here's an episode of A-Studio featuring the singer, Imai Miki. As mentioned before of on many other posts she is a famous singer/actress/model etc etc mainly form the early 90's, and is also the wife of Hotei Tomoyasu. This episode features many conversations about quite private stuff of hers, for example her best friends, accidents at her wedding and more interestingly a chaotic period of her life where her father dies and her husband incurs a possibly life threatening injury, all while being pregnant at 8 months. Quite interesting stuff, especially if you're a fan of hers
or Hotei Tomoyasu.


If there was anything you found hard to understand just let me know.


  1. Finally got time to leave a proper comment. THANK YOU so much for subbing this. Gosh. I love it so much. Definitely one of my very favorite Miki interviews. The bits about her best friends and about her wedding are really funny. I find it especially interesting that she's actually willing to tell the very small details. As for the things that happened in 2002...I knew about her father's death and about Hotei's injury, but I had no idea that her dad had his skull fractured. Wow.

    I think they've both changed since their daughter was born, but Hotei's change is really obvious. If you check out his tweets and blog, you realize that he has a really close relationship with the girl, which I find pretty cool.

    The more Hotei- and Miki interviews I watch, the more respect I have for them. This couple is really "sudeki". I also love it that instead of being jealous or protective, she sounds rather proud that everyone falls in love with her hubby. lol.

    Thanks again! ^_^

  2. you said imalu is half japanese... i thought she's sanma and otake shinobu's daughter... that when she appeared in shabekuri, they were talking about sanma is doing his recording in the next studio...