Monday, 5 September 2011


Here's the English subtitled version of Hotei Tomoyasu on the show Jounetsu Tairiku 情熱大陸 (means Passion Continent). It's a popular series of 25 minute documentaries that follow all sorts of people, famous and not famous, who strive for some goal or do there work with great passion.

I found this a really interesting video, as you get to see a few photo's from his childhood and how he does his work in the studio among many other things. Anyway here it is.


Hotei has worked in two different groups apart from his solo career. Both of them have reached legendary status in Japan, and both broke up at the height of it's popularity, for whatever reasons. I'll just briefly explain each one.

Boowy: This band consisted of Himuro Kyosuke (aka Himurock) on vocals, Hotei on guitar, Matsui Tsunematsu on base and Takahashi Makoto on drums. The name of the band is a play on the word Boui 暴威 (tyranny), as well as David 'Bowie', who was a great influence to Himurock and Hotei. They created a huge 'band boom' in Japan, and caused the highest sale of musical intruments in Japan ever. They were only together for 5 years but scored many hits, the most famous song be Marionette.

COMPLEX: This is a two man unit that Hotei created with the singer Kikkawa Koji. They only worked together for two years before having a falling out, but were already considered as legendary after the release of their two albums. They first created a huge stir with their charisma and uniqueness in the Japanese music industry with their video for "Be My Baby", which is just the two dancing about in front of a clean white screen. It was also unusual, as Kikkawa Koji was already an established idol singer at this time, and his teaming up with a Rock star was questioned. They were a good match though, and Kikkawa evolved from a Johnny entertainment type idol to a Rock Star after this.

Another one of my favourites is the song "Rambling Man". I heard the riff off Hotei's guitar medley on his 30th Anniversary Special episode of Music Lovers and was searching all over for it. I was really happy when I found it!

Lord Ebisu, or Yebisu is one of the Seven Gods of Fortune. He is said to be the god of luck, fishermen, workingmen as well as a protector of small children. Although many of the other seven gods are transmitted from China, Ebisu is the only one original to Japan. It's also the name of a beer company, and his image is used as their logo.

Interestingly, another one of the seven gods is called Hotei. He's the fat one holding a sack, and is usually the one that people in the West often imagine buddha as being......

Can't see much of a resemblance.


  1. "Love, love, love... Love is the poison..." :D

    Thanks for the videos. Again, the subs helped a lot. I watched COMPLEX's concert from July 30 and it was just superb!

  2. Hey! Thanks for watching + comment. Glad to hear that you also like Poison! I watched parts of their live too but it got deleted off the web before I could watch it all. I'm sure it's reappeared somewhere though....

    I'll be doing the Imai Miki one next so you can look forward to that!

  3. ZOMG!!!!!! Saw your comment over at my LJ and headed directly here :D I have not seen this clip yet, but am about to. Perfect timing as always - this is just what I needed :D Will comment again once I have watched it! :D YAY!

    - Danisha

  4. This feature had wonderful footage, but I wish the producers had edited it better. The ending felt abrupt - almost felt like it was unfinished. I loved the parts where they just let him talk - so he wore his mother's coat at a school gig! Loved that. :D Thanks for subbing and uploading :) Oh and thanks for subbing that bit from "Saraba Seishun No Hikari" and "Be My Baby", though I really find it kind of freaky (in a good way) when I see song lyrics that match what I think the song is about :D

  5. Thank you! I'm really looking forward to the Miki one, but please take your time. I also hope that you'll get to watch the entire concert. I listened to "Don't Stop My Love" for several days after watching it. lol.

  6. @Danisha: The ending was a little abrupt, and you said it felt unfinished but I think that's kind of like their desired effect, to make it seem that Hotei's dreams and adventures still continue and don't ever end. Probably:). I hope they make another one if he ends up doing a live at the place in London

    @Red Cheongsam: Was confused about "Don't stop my Love" for a bit but realised you translated the song title :p. Yeah that's an awesome song of theres! I've actually already finished the Imai Miki vid lol! I think I've gotten used to doing this subbing stuff after doing shows that go for 40min etc. It'll be up tomorrow sometime!

  7. Still though, I felt that the show could have been wrapped up more neatly. (I come from a tv producing background so I notice these things lol). However, I really liked the way they utilized the musical score with their footage - especially when they used "Sparkling Guitar" over photos of Hotei-sama and his baby girl :) So cute!

    I have yet another request to make, and as usual, no rush, as I know you have a few lined up already. But I came across a series of mini-docus called Hotei Week. There are 5, and the first can be found here:

    I think it comes in at part 2, but there's a bit here that discusses some sort of onstage mishap. I'd be interested to know what went on there. In my head, it was some kind of hairspray-related accident (if only because the shot showed a can of hairspray being removed by a member of Hotei's staff). If you could add subs to these clips, I'd be a very happy fangirl. Thank you in advance!

    Oh, and by the way, I am working on a Hotei-related art project on the side (though not web-based. I would like to interview you about your blog and about being a fan of Hotei's. Please say yes! :D I am planning on sending you the interview questions via email if you are interested. Please let me know?) Thanks thanks thanks!


    - Danisha

  8. Oh well in that case you'd probably now what you're talking about more than me lol.

    Haha those are some rare looking videos you found! I laughed at all the crazy costumes he wore :p. I'll get around to doing those for sure. It seems like most of it is just songs so it's probably not as much work as it seems.

    Ohhh an interview?? lol Well I don't really have a reason to say no I suppose! There's an email address I made for the blog that you can send it to

  9. Email sent! :D Thanks for agreeing to do this.

    - Danisha

  10. Hehe I'm not confident with my romaji so I just used that line from the song lyrics. ;)

  11. Hey GRadio, I'm trying to find which album/single which has "Heart to Heart", the song that Tomoyasu did in the video. I can't seem to find it, or is it just unreleased?

    1. Hey, it was a special song made for a convenience store chain called Lawson. I don't think it was released but it's on youtube

    2. Aww, and I thought it was a new excuse to get another Guitarhythm :P

      Cheers for finding the song though!! :)

      I love this song, its so upbeat and lively!