Thursday, 8 September 2011

Video Subbing: Imai Miki on Jounetsu Tairiku

Here's the episode of Jounetsu Tairiku with the famous singer/actress Imai Miki. She is married to Hotei Tomoyasu, who was in the previous episode that I translated. He has a much larger role in this one than Miki did in Hotei's video as he appears quite a bit in the last half.

This video made me respect the two even further, and you can tell that they trust each other strongly and are very happy to have each other. Enjoy!


I really want an album or some collection of her singing with the piano now.....I really like music like that and she did it very nicely in the video.


They were saying how Miki admired the music of 'Yumin' during her teens. Yumin is the nickname for Matsutoya Yumi (also known as Arai Yumi early on in her career). She's an extremely influential singer, composer, lyricist etc etc, and is one of the most respected people in Japanese music. Her song called 'Haru yo Koi' (Come Spring), is (or was) taught in school textbooks for the Japanese language. She's got a distinct voice that might take a little while to get used to but her composing skills are excellent. Although most of her music is 80's style (which I personally don't like...) if you get the time you might want to check her out. I'll just leave a couple of songs here though.

Haru Yo, Koi  春よ、来い
Eng: Come, Spring

Yasashisa ni Tsutsumaretara  やさしさに包まれたなら 
Eng: If  You're Surrounded By Kindness

You may have recognised it as the ending for Kiki's Delivery Service. Well I don't know if it's the same for the dubbed version but this is it for the Japanese one. She also has done the song that plays on the portable radio as Kiki is searching for a town to live in. That one's called "Rouge no Dengon" (A Rouge Message).


  1. Wow - she really is gorgeous! And she seems like a very strong and opinionated woman, too, which I love. Hotei and Miki Imai make an awesome team - I love when married people are also creative collaborators - it somehow makes whatever they produce more interesting. And how awesome is it that Hotei is super supportive of her career? I so love that about him! Their dynamic as a couple is just wonderful. Plus, she sounds like she has a cool mom, too! :D

    (She sounds great live, though it seemed from this episode that she is prone to beating herself up needlessly. I really liked that "Flowers" song!)

    - Danisha

  2. Yeah I really gained a lot of respect for her after watching this video. I didn't really know what kind of person she was before this so it was pretty good. It was nice to see how she and hotei work as a couple too!

  3. Holy crap. Best thing to see after coming back from holiday! Thank you SO much for subbing it. There was so much I didn't get when I was watching it for the first time. I really love the bit where Miki and Hotei are describing each other's personality. It's kinda funny, but so true. The part where she talks about how she was portrayed as a completely different person years ago, I think she means how she was blamed and smeared about her affair with Hotei. I'm glad to see that they're really happy now and very supportive to each other. Miki has an album where she recorded some of her biggest hits with different pianists. The title is "I Love A Piano". I don't know if you'll get to buy it, but if you want, I'd be glad to share. There is also a DVD of her concert at Billboard Tokyo in 2009 with the same pianist in the video. :)

    @Danisha: Miki is great live. If you're interested, you can come to my YouTube channel and watch the clips from her concerts that I upload. Hotei was one of the guitarists of her tour in 2004. :)

  4. Ah~ I was wondering what the issue was with Miki-san and the media. That's probably it, because she was supposed to be friends with Hotei's ex-wife too so....But yes it's good that everythings going smoothly now.

    I would absolutely love to have that album!!!!!
    Please do share, somehow!

  5. Hi Friends! @TheRedCheongsam - yes please share! :D Am sure that'll sound lovely!


  6. @Danisha: Hi! You mentioned in another comment that you have an LJ, right? Do you mind telling me your username? I'll send you the link in a private message. :)