Thursday, 28 July 2011

Video Subbing: HOTEI TOMOYASU on MUSIC LOVERS (2011.05.15)

Hey here's the video sub for the Hotei Tomoyasu (Hotei Introduction) 30th Anniverasry Speical on the show 'Music Lovers'. In this video, he celebrates 30 years of work in music with a short concert and interview. I subbed his first song but couldn't be bothered doing the others because it takes to long.....sorry.

There's another guest in this show called Tominaga Ai. Not sure what the point of her being there is really....She's supposed to be Hotei's friend but she only says a few words and I really didn't see the reason for her being there.

Anyway, she's a pretty successful model, going on the runway for many top brands like Gucci and Dior....and all those other clothes companies....

Hotei talk slightly about his daughter and wife. I've mentioned her in previous Hotei video posts but I'll do it again anyway. His wife is Imai Miki, a famous pop singer and actress, who was very successful in the early and mid 90's.

The Guitarythm pattern is Hotei's logo. He has it one some of his guitars and some of his album covers.
He doesn't make this pattern out of seaweed for his daughter's lunch box though....

Maybe he can do this instead



  1. Wonderful uploads again - thank you!And these clips are fairly recent appearances too - wonderful! Hotei is in top form, performance-wise in this and I am so jealous of the studio audience! (freaked out when he did the high kick so close to someone's face though)

    "Bambina" translation - I've seen another translation of this song, and yeah, it's still pretty racy LOL. At some point he must get nervous about performing this live.

    The Guitarhythm pattern is something I still don't get - I wonder how he came up with it!

    Ai Tominaga is gorgeous, but you're right - what's up with her being there...? I'm kind of getting a weird vibe (hm...)

    I think my ovaries starting slam dancing when he started talking about his kid. ACK.

    I haven't checked, but I wonder if you've also subbed the episode of Arashi ni Shiyagare where Hotei guests. I hope so :) I liked seeing him appear with his doberman, Lurie. If you've subbed it, I thank you in advance, and if you haven't, I hope that you can do one in the future? :)


  2. Ahhh that's the video I was referring to in the answer to your comment on another post ;)

    I usually give requests a higher priority so I'll be getting started on it as soon as I finish another one i'm working on!

  3. :D Cheers cheers cheers! :D