Sunday, 18 September 2011


Here's Gackt on Terry Ito's Tsuki ni Hoero (Terry Ito's  Howl at the Moon), as requested by an Anonymous visitor.

He talks about lots of things that you usually don't hear about on other TV shows, so it should be interesting for people that want to know more about his opinions on relationships, marriage and how to be a strong man etc.


Herbivorous men refers to the recent trend of males in Japan that have become metrosexual and feminine.
They (stereotypically) aren't as interested in relationships and sex with females, and like to engage in grooming and have interest in fashion like females. Carnivorous are the opposite, and will openly go after women. The Dinosaur type is something Gackt just made up, and I suppose they devour females.....;p

He was talking about how there's a phrase that goes something like "Females walk 3 steps behind men". It kind of made it seem like that's how things work in Japan, but they mostly walk side by side over there too. Only some old people are like that...

He said that guys should walk infront to protect the females....but from what?? Even if there were lots of dangerous flying objects or something while walking around in the streets, wouldn't it be easier to protect them if they were right next to you rather than 3 steps behind your back...?
You can't even see her then....(-_-)....

This is in reference to the characters from the old Chinese story of 'The Journey To The West'. You might have seen a dubbed Japanese TV series called 'Monkey Magic' that is based on this story.  It's the tale of a Buddhist priest called Tripitaka and three beast people that journey to India to get some holu scriptures. One of the followers is Sun Wukong, the monkey king, who is a powerful but also a sneaky trickster. After getting in trouble in heaven he got trapped under a huge boulder by Buddha, but was rescued by Tripitaka on the condition that he'd protect him on the journey to India. So that Sun Wukong doesn't just leave him and run off, a metal headband/tiara thing that shrinks and tightens when Tripitaka says a prayer is put onto the monkey's head. So this relationship is what Gackt is referring to. Tripitaka needs Sun Wukong to protect him, and Sun Wukong has no choice but to do so until the reaching the end of the journey where is head band thing will be taken off. Even so, they become great friends along the way and Sun Wukong will pretty much risk his life for the priest regardless of the headband torture mechanism.

I highly recommend you watch the dubbed TV series (Monkey Magic) if you haven't already. It's a very funny comedy and made in the 70's with lot's of cheap looking costumes, although that may have been their aim. The English dubbing makes it even more hilarious


  1. Haha I had a feeling that you would be subbing this! xD GJ

  2. Haha well it seems your spider sense is tingling accurately. You might have a chance to see him at a live show since he said that he's touring america soon!

  3. Amazing and kind man you are. Thank you!

  4. Quess what. Your translation has caused an enormous buzz among GACKT fans. Great!

  5. "Herbivorous men refers to the recent trend of males in Japan that have become metrosexual and feminine.
    They (stereotypically) aren't as interested in relationships and sex with females, and like to engage in grooming and have interest in fashion like females. Carnivorous are the opposite, and will openly go after women. The Dinosaur type is something Gackt just made up, and I suppose they devour females.....;p"

    Gackt's dislike of herbivore's confuses me. I mean half of the things they do are things he does. How can Gackt criticize herbivores for their interest in self grooming and fashion when he owns 300 thongs and waxes all of his body hair? The only thing he can criticize herbivores for without seeming like a complete hypocrite is their disinterest in dating and sex. But is that really worth making a big deal over?

  6. Ahaha I was waiting for someone to point that out lol. Yeah it's pretty contradictory if you go by my description. I put the information about grooming in the description as that's part of the stereotypical image of 'herbivorous' guys, but I suppose Gackt's only referring to the lack of aggressiveness and mental toughness etc that are generally attributed to them as that's the only thing he criticizes.

    Even so, maybe he shouldn't have said herbivorous guys :s. Thanks for your comment hehe

  7. Hello and thank you for the translation. Considering "herbivorous", G once said that they have weak mind and body. In his opinion it has nothing to do with grooming. Nice interview anyway.

  8. m(_ _)m ♥♥♥ Big thank you! Made my day, really!
    *Fangirling here all the way!
    P.S. Waiting for the Arashi show he attended on Sept. 24th... Luv ya! ^_~♥

  9. ...and yes, G is a bit dorky when it comes to his vision upon gender equality and stuff, but hey...I never take him seriously...(my very own rule)^_~

  10. To irinabel1: Glad you enjoyed it! Yeah although I don't quite agree with he's views I'll still respect it as many females would probably like to be treated that way anyway. Plus it's really none of my business ;p

    Oh and what Arashi show are you talking about?
    I can't really find anything about him being on one on September 24th

  11. I didn't know songwriters had to take in account the karaoke criteria. Very interesting fact to know. This explains a lot why there is often an instrumental track sold with the song.
    I guess there must be a big lobbying industry of karaoke in Japan lol

    This is true the phenomena herbivorous men, I saw various articles and videos reporting it. Well, it was some women complaining a bit with men being less forward with the ladies lol.
    Though I don't agree with Gackt's point of view about women taking more initiatives (and becoming more "bold"). As you said, this is the result of a historical process, and in my opinion I see this evolution as positive, especially in Japan, because of Confucianism it is well-known to see women more submissive, following more men or their husband in general.
    And in Japan this is a patriarchal society (so not a real surprise to see Gackt thinking like that) and also gerontocracy. So I'm glad to see women taking more initiatives in general (to men's great displeasure) and I wouldn't be surprised to learn if it is some men who invented this urban legend of carnivorous women... And maybe women counter-attacked with the conception of herbivorous men lol
    (Anyway this is mainly the fault of Confucianism)

    Gackt said people should get married when they feel this is the right moment and not consider it as summer homework. Easy for him, he is a man. He is right but problem, there is this conception about Japanese women:
    "QUESTION: What do the Japanese mean when they compare women to Christmas cakes?
    ANSWER: After the 25th, no-one wants to buy them anymore.
    It is an old joke so the figures have changed, but the basic idea remains: women have to get married when they're still young (traditionally before they turn 25), otherwise they'll be impossible to "sell".

    I agree with him about society becoming more safe but I find weird he insisted he prefered to see his nephews playing arcade game, even if it does apply they would go to dangerous places, instead of playing video games at home (in addition video games at home are more various than arcade games lol).

    I guess the previous generations got more the "fighting spirit" compared to the newest generations because life became more easy (less poverty in general) and more peaceful (compared to the previous era).

    I wonder why all women are so excited to see Gackt (I know he is charismatic but still...). Not long ago, I read Tominaga Miki's husband is Makoto from Sharan Q but Tominaga Miki shouldn't forget Makoto is also charismatic (like Gackt) with his mushroom hairstyle lol

    When Gackt talked about the fact it was very important to do live concert in order to show your cool and charismatic side as artist, I couldn't stop smiling while remembering he lip-synched his latest concert in France... (according to fans reports)

    And indeed, it wasn't easy to follow all his examples, Gackt's way of thinking is complicated lol

  12. I forgot to write it but thanks a lot for these subs!

  13. Very interesting opinions on things, and I agree with what you think. I find it annoying when he says all these things, and although it seems like he put a lot of thought in it, it's still sort of naive and from a narrow point of view. Even so, he does say some good stuff too sometimes. Even though I quite like him, I think it's best to just not take him too seriously lol

    I like how you said "And indeed, it wasn't easy to follow all his examples, Gackt's way of thinking is complicated lol". He's also quite contradictory (especially about politeness..the way he talks usually isn't polite despite complaining about how people talk to him), which is quite annoying.

    Oh well. I suppose the best thing to do is laugh at him.

  14. About the three steps behind thing he talks about... actually it's an extremely conservative way of thinking, it also symbolizes the fact that the woman should always obey the man etc. not only for the "protection". I'm pretty confident when I say that very few of his fans in Japan like that statement. Especially feminists it would make see red for sure :P

    1. Haha yeah, feminists sure won't be happy. I didn't completely agree with what he said either but oh well. Different people have different preferences I suppose lol

  15. Hi, sorry but is there a download link for this? Dailymotion isn't too friendly from where I'm at and I'd like to watch it a few times.