Sunday, 18 September 2011


Well here's the episode from Day 1 of the HOTEI TOMOYASU WEEK special from the show M-STAGE from all the way back in 1995. Thanks for the request and finding such interesting footage Danisha!

It includes clips of his early live performances and promotional videos, where you get to see lots of wacky outfits and strange 80's/ early 90's Japanese trippiness. Oh and be careful not to get a seizure like the kids that watched that banned Pokemon episode, as there's a part where the screen flashes a lot for a pretty long time......

Get from Mediafire 41.5 MB)


  1. Wah. The vid got deleted. Such a shame. :(

  2. OMG!!! What happened? It got deleted : -(


  3. I've uploaded it again.
    I also did episode 2 but youtube didn't like it...
    I haven't tried dailymotion yet but I'll have to try in a few days

  4. This is awesome. Thank you Danisha and GodzillaRadio. This is my first time listening to Glorious Days and I love it!

  5. Dude, I hope you didn't get into too much trouble over the subs! I watched all three clips and they're awesome. I love the lyrics of "Lonely * Wild" :D and "Saraba Seishun No Hikari" of course. Though I kind of feel a bit silly about the "accident" part - am glad it wasn't as serious as I though - though a broken pinky on your guitar-playing hand is a disaster if the show must go on!

    - Danisha

  6. @Danisha: Nah dailymotion just gives you a slap on the wrist.... I think. Youtube deletes your account if they catch you 3 times (I've got one more strike :S). I made an account on a Chinese video sharing site that is very lenient on copyright stuff so it should be okay once I figure out how to do stuff on there lol.

    Haha yeah I was looking for the supposed 'Hair incident' but couldn't find it. Would have been pretty funny if it was though!