Wednesday, 21 September 2011


Good Evening everyone,

I'm just sharing some Japanese sites that have guitar chords for Japanese songs. Although you'll need to be able to read Japanese to use them I thought I might as well give out links for people that may want it...

If you want any help with figuring out how to pronounce the lyrics for a particular songs just give me a buzz yo!

There's really only two but they've got a fairly wide range of music, although quite little v-kei types that most people outside Japan seem to be into at the moment. Anyway....

1. Japan Funk Total Music

You'll see 10 drop down things with the first letter of each type of Japanese Hiragana alphabet.
Choose the letter the artist's name starts with. In many cases you'll have to search for the surname of the artist as the Japanese name positions are the opposite of English.


This one's more simple to casually search for musicians. Just scroll down a bit and they'll all be in a lists grouped according to the first letter of their name.


  1. The first link is really fun to use. It tests out my memory from studying a bit of Hiragana. The site it amazing for having so much artists.

  2. Music.j-total is an amazing database, I discovered it while looking for some Matsuura Aya's songs chords.

    I didn't know for the second website, thanks for sharing it!