Friday, 2 September 2011

Random Post: How to Improve The Blog, Random cool song, and what I think about English accents in song..

Hey there....

I'm kind of thinking of what I could do to improve the blog so that current readers and potential new ones would find it more interesting.

I've sort of purposely been restraining writing about my opinions and thoughts about the various things I post about because I thought that information might be kinda worthless/unnecessary. I had preferred that this blog stay neutral so that people wouldn't find somethings that they find offensive or get the impression that I whine a lot haha....
However, I thought that people might find it more interesting if I included some more personal thoughts etc rather than just plain facts. I know that I chuck in random comments here and there but.......well but yeah I don't know what I'm trying to say now.....

Well.... anyway~

This doesn't mean that I'll be writing about my trials and tribulations and the chaotic explosions of emotion that I might feel as a result, like many other blogs. Also, I like to keep to myself and, to be honest, I don't really see the world so incredibly horrid or shrouded in wonderfulness like many other bloggers so I don't intend to bore people with the events that take place in my life either. Although I can tell you more about myself as a person if you want.

Well I suppose the aim of this post in actuality, is to ask what I may be able to do to improve the blog in general. It can really be what you want to see more of......for example, more about Japanese culture (not pop-culture), language, history. I'm pretty much open to anything............aside from x-rated stuff (-_-)

 You can get your supply of that stuff from elsewhere you sukebe スケベ.......................
(check on google translator for the meaning if you want :p)

Nothing x-rated for you here

So over to the supposedly cool song.
This actually isn't a song by a Japanese band. It's a song called 'Martal Arts' (and sometimes 'Crash') by a hard rock band from Denmark called Royal Hunt. The reason I'm putting it up here is because it's actually the entrance theme song for a famous Japanese pro-wrestler, called Chouno Masahiro. I only found out about it after watching a Japanese variety show called Ametalk. On that particular episode comedians talked about they're favourite pro-wrestlers and fights. It was really interesting even though I have (or had) no interest in wrestling. I might subtitle it in the future actually......

Well anyway here it is..........
well I'd prefer it to be embedded but youtube is lame and doesn't allow that for many videos....
Don't be put off by the voice of P.diddy (or whatever he's called now) at the start. :) ...Unless if you like him.

I really reaally reaaallllly prefer music like this to be instrumental. I like how it's like a deadly and dangerous sounding version of classical music. It brings a rough and aggressive flavour to the usually sophisticated and calm style of music.

I generally can't stand people singing to rock like this!.....It makes it sound really cheesy, especially if it's in English....particularly American accents. No offense to Americans and their accent but I often cannot handle listening to it in music. That being said, there are many different accents in America, and I do have preferences, so it's unfair to stick it all into the same bucket labelled "American Accents". Even so, I can't really say which ones specifically because I don't know what most of them are called. It might actually be their tone and intonation that I'm so picky about anyway, as now that I think about it voices that I find whiny and arrogant that destroys my ears the most, and incidentally American's are the biggest perpetrators for this type of English. Maybe.

Me when hearing whiny American accents.

I do find African-American accents (I think Brooklyn?) quite cool, but only if they talk proper English and don't try to be too 'gangster'. Although it's kind of entertaining (maybe I should say interesting) to listen to, I prefer them to say 'tooth' rather than 'toof' or 'think' rather than 'fink'. It's also annoying when they constantly say 'naa meaan?' after every sentence naa meaan?? (translation: Know what I mean?). Do you really need a confirmation as to whether I understand every single word you blabber out of your mouf?

I'm actually a fan of hip hop from the 80's and early~mid 90's, and some more modern ones, so this might seem kind of paradoxical as most of them speak this way. However, I also know it's not their fault that they speak that way, it's due to where they grew up, and who with. Also, I'm not so petty that I would hate someone just because of an accent. It would be more accurate to say that I'd prefer to stay away from obnoxious and arrogant people and I suppose it's a lot of people in the hip hop genre are just that (or act like it) and that's why that accent has come across to me, all the way in Australia, like that. That is, unless if I actually start reason rationally about and use my head.....I might seem to come across as not liking Afro-American accents now, so I'll just say that I like the way people like Samuel L . Jackson and Morgan Freeman talk, although they're too quite different accents anyway.

Well......I'm sick of writing about this so I'll end it for now.

Ahem........this post has sort of ended up a whine fest unlike what I planned, and is something that I had even I written ON THIS POST that I'd prefer to avoid. But then again, it might strike up some interesting thought in you, who may be kindly reading this. If you want to, you can comment what you think about whatever I wrote on this post, or something that I didn't even write here (o_o).

I'm looking forward to hearing your views.

The Clown and the Clown and the Clown are looking 
this way like they want to become friends....


  1. I found this blog really interesting, especially the one about American accents, "you feel me?" Hahaha. I really know what you are trying to say though, since I am in America. It gets really annoying when people purposely do not talk in proper English.
    The accent you mentioned about Morgan Freemen, I think his accent is one of the rare ones - probably one from his generation.
    Hmm, for me I like the legitimate English accent. Though sometimes it's a bit hard to understand. One English song I like would be More Time by David de Lautour. (Just saying =D).

  2. Yeah I also prefer English, or a kind of neutral accent (like beatles etc) in songs. I thought I wrote it in the post but it seems I may have deleted it when I was rewriting it or something....Well it was good to hear the opinion of an actual American! The accent of the artist you referred to is also one of the listenable types for me:)Thanks!

  3. Haha. I wouldn't really call myself an actual American because I do not really like that title. I prefer being Chinese first XD.

  4. Oh okay! Well you live there at least.