Wednesday, 31 August 2011


Hello there.....
I kind of just noticed that my blog almost only has stuff about Japanese males. The majority of the videos that I've subbed are of males, the random posts that I've done also have generally been focused on males for some reason....well actually it's because I don't really want to put off female readers with some of my opinions but bare with me please since I'm sure/hope there's male readers. If not then hopefully I'll get more by doing this.

Well anyway..........

Today's post is about Kuroki Meisa 黒木メイサ, a Japanese actress, model, singer etc etc like everyone else these days. She's a very pretty person from the southern island of Okinawa, and was born to a half Brazilian half Japanese father and a Japanese mother which is why she doesn't look quite Japanese. I think they did a quite excellent job when creating their child......

Without taking notice of her beauty (which is pretty hard...) one reason that I like her is the her ability at playing spunky and macho characters. She played a Yakuza member in 'Ninkyou Helper', a drama about some Yakuza that end up working at a retirement home (can't remember the reason...) where she talks rough like a badass and bashes up several dudes. The contrast between her looks and personality was.......mmm,....not sure how to say......but she was very cool.

Another reason I like her is how different she is to her roles when she's on variety shows etc. Unlike the tough and fierce character that I was used to, I saw a shy, quiet and cute girl getting embarrassed ftom borderline harassment by comedians. I think it's kind of similar to the 'tsundere' effect often used in anime.....

Although I'm not particularly a fan of her music (mainly R'n'b) it's not that bad and I'm sure many other people would like it. You get to see a more sexy side of her in her videos for her singles........which is also nice. (dribble). She has recently done the ending theme for the anime 'Ao no Excorsist' called Wired Life, which I found quite decent with it's eerie sound.
(sigh can't embed any of the 10 or so on youtube sigh sigh sigh)

Anyway I'll let wikipedia do the rest of the talking if you're interested and want to know more about her
I'll probably end up translating a video with her featured in it someday but don't really have any plans to. If you would like me to do one sooner then feel free to say so......and well I will do so :)
Now to Kuroki Meisa pictures!


  1. I agree, she is pretty.
    But have you heard of Nakama Yukie (actress)? I think she is really pretty. She's famous for acting in Gokusen (I think). Although I think most of the roles she gets are quite similar, it seems like she is a good actress.
    Also the best actress (in my opinion) is Joyce Tang (a TVB actress). She always looks pretty. Haha.

  2. Yes, I also like Nakama Yukie (and yes she's famous for Gokusen). A lot of her roles are similar as you said, but most Japanese actors get treated like that I think? I haven't watched many Hong Kong/Chinese drama/movies before but Joyce Tang does look pretty!

  3. "I think they did a quite excellent job when creating their child......"
    Hahaha! True, she is indeed pretty.

    She was casted by her agency at the beginning as new model and then they saw acting potential in her.

    According to English wiki, her father is Japanese-Panamanian? No idea if exact or not.

    I didn't know her real name was Shimabukuro Satsuki, I thought Kuroki Meisa was her real name whereas it is her stage name.

    Did you watch her film called Subaru? (I'm currently watching the beginning)
    You can watch it here:
    (the rest of the film is next, in the related videos)

    She is not the typical cute girl but prefers intead playing at night in the mountains with paintball gun as hobby lol!
    You should watch this, even Arashi guys were shocked by this revelation (haha)

  4. Panama? I read that it was Brazilian...oh well it doesn't really matter that much lol

    Yeah I also thought it was her real name. It sounds quite real ......i think lol?

    Thanks for the link to the movie. How was it? Depending on what you say I may or may not watch it haha

    And finally yeah~ I heard her talking about paintballing on another show! That would be awesome. Guys would really like that I think. Well maybe not guys in Japan but I'd be happy if my partner liked paintballing lol!