Friday, 19 August 2011

That's A Bit Unimaginative.... Songs With The Same Name (MARIA)

Hello fellow humans......... and non-humans too if you're reading. 

Ever since suddenly realising how great music is while I was in high school, I pretty much listen to music for most of the day, and rarely have my ears unplugged. At the moment, from looking at itunes, it reveals that I currently have a collection of 19913 songs, which equals to 90.5 days for of music (I still want more...) Anyway, when you have this much music, you notice that some artists can be quite unoriginal with song titles. Some may be obvious, like "I love you" or something along those lines, but sometimes you come across other names that don't seem as though they would, but for some reason are popular.

SO! As the title says, this post is about songs that have the same name. 
For this time around it's songs titled 'MARIA'

As this is a blog about Japanese stuff I'll just stick to Japanese songs. The list would be too long if I included English songs too anyway.......

Well, it seems that the V-Kei (or at some stage were V-Kei) are the most susceptible to naming their songs 'Maria'. I suppose it's because they're more into that kind of religious type topics compared to more contemporary musicians. Even so.........why do they all name it the same name? Oh well, most of them are pretty good songs anyway. This is probably my order of preference too.......


I actually didn't like this song once upon a time....but that was when I didn't really like Gackt that much either. As I gradually got into his music, this one eventually turned into one of my favourites, mainly because of the fast guitars and how powerfully he sings the chorus. This is a slightly different version to the album but is still pretty good.
It took me a while to find this song in my pile of songs. Although I've got all of Buck-Tick's albums, (regrettably from questionable means), I until a while ago tended to slip past stuff from the first half of their career. So I got a pretty good surprise when I finally got around to giving it a proper listen.

This is a really nice track that plays near the end of the album Q.E.D. It's a good song to depart the albums with. Unfortunately my file for this song is corrupt for some reason, and suddenly starts doing that ear busting endless loop hell right at the climax..........

There was only a bad quality one on youtube. 
Hmmm.....well don't have a lot to say about this one. I obtained a couple of their albums about a year ago but didn't get around to listening to them properly, but it actually sounds like a good song. Maybe I should start listening to these guys more.
I'm not really a fan of Kuroyume to be honest. Surprisingly though, this song just happens to be one of theirs that I can bother to listen to the whole way when I feel kind enough. That doesn't mean that I like or particularly enjoy it though.......A bit too old school I think. The vocalist (Kiyoharu)'s other band, SADS, are better, although the way he sings can get annoying for me after a while.

This is just a song I found while looking for the other videos. It's pretty nice for a pop diva. Not as good as 'Samurai Drive' by the same person though.

T-Bolan would be a name that's not as well known in the West (probably?). Anyway, they were pretty popular in the early and mid 90's, but quietly disappeared in 1999 after a long hiatus. Although this is a very popular song in Japan, it just sounds to me like another early 90's Japanese rock song.

I don't know if I should call this a special mention but, this song pretty much should be called 'MARIA'. Besides, the Virgin Mary is Maria anyway. On top of that the vocalist sings 'maria' in the chorus as well. Although I didn't put this in the rankings (as it's technically not Maria) it would fight for 1st spot with Gackt's Maria........I can't really make a clear decision here.


  1. Very interesting idea of post!
    You should write more similar posts like this one.
    Although these songs are not the music style I usually listen to, it was interesting to discover these songs. Maria from Acid Black Cherry was indeed a nice discovery.
    Woah, you have 19 913 songs! I don't have that much music lol

  2. Haha, yeah I've got quite a lot of music. And I still don't feel like it's enough strangely.

    Glad you found it interesting! I've got a list of song names so I'll do another one when I have time. And yeah this list was dominated mainly by visual kei type rock artists.