Sunday, 21 August 2011


Hey there Pirate Kings!

Just doing a quick post of the wanted posters of pirates from the the Straw Hat gang while I subtitle a video with the actor Ken Watanabe (from movies like Inception and Last Samurai). 

Although I don't really follow One Piece anymore, I've always liked these posters for some reason. I think most of these are from jigsaw puzzles that they sell in Japan rather than ones that some fans made so they're pretty good quality too.

I laughed so hard at the part where the look alike for that poster appeared in the manga....

So there you have it. I've some more of the other characters that make appearances, so will probably post them in the future when I remember about it. Unless if someone really wants it nowish.

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  1. I love One Piece!!

    I'm really anxious to know who the new starwhat is gonna be!