Thursday, 25 August 2011

Musician Introduction: CAROL

Hell to the o~~~~ Hello

Before I begin I just want to say this.
Even if you don't read anything on here I implore you to at least click and listen to one of the youtube links that I stick on here, as listening to the music will transmit a lot more to you than me rambling. 

I haven't done one of these Musician Introductions recently.....I'll try to keep these as short as possible from now since most people probably don't bother reading these anyway. Even so, I firmly believe that there are other Japanese musicians apart from the masses of Visual-kei bands and others like them (although many of them are great too) that people are missing out on.........anyway the goal of these posts are not to shift your musical preferences but to try and broaden your scopes.

Okay, so let's put serious stuff aside! The musician introduction for this post is the band 'CAROL'. They're a legendary band from the 1970's, which was lead by superstar music icon Yazawa Eikichi. I would say that they are somewhat the Japanese Beatles/Rolling Stones and Yazawa Eikichi something like an Elvis Presley

This is Yazawa. He refers to himself in third person (not joking).

They were pretty much the pioneers of the stereotypical fashion of the Japanese delinquents, with their gelled/waxed regent hairstyles and riding about on motorcycles. Oh hold on, I've made a couple of posts about 'Stereotypical Japanese Delinquents" here
PART 1: Delinquent Fashion and
PART 2: Fashion Continued and Rules of Delinquentism

Anywayz, their most famous song would be am upbeat some called 'Funky Monkey Babies'

But they also have slow ballads like this

二人だけ Futari Dake
Eng: Just us two

 甘い日々 Amai Hibi
Eng: Sweet Days

This is a funky little tune called: 


Coffee shop no Onna no ko

 The Girl From the Coffee Shop

If you found them interesting you should look on some sites like this should.....satisfy your needs.

I'll leave you with footage of the band in action all those years ago, playing the song 'Hey Taxi'

........can't embed this one because it's set as private. You can still watch it if you click on it though



  1. Damn - that's hardcore! I'll definitely be looking for Carol mp3s on the net. That old guys pretty hot, actually and even hotter when he was younger. I love the vibe this band's got going on, and I'm loving the name too - kind of gives the impression of "we're so secure in our masculinity that we can name our band CAROL" Eye loff it!


  2. Oh - and yes please more bands that stray from the visual kei stereotype! I am loving the feeling of discovery with every new old band I come across - recently have gotten into Guitarwolf and Kishidan - they rock so hard and really shatter my preconceived notions of what J-rock sounds like. More please! :D

    -- Danisha

  3. Ohhh hello again! I appreciate your comments all the time and attitude towards finding new music.
    Haha Kishidan are a funny bunch. I particularly like their song One Night Carnival, although I'll have to admit I don't have any of their albums.

    If you like Guitarwolf then you should check out Thee Michelle Gun Elephant or Blankey Jet City. They're both a similar brand of Rockabilly.

    As for Carol mp3's I've added a link to another blog on the post where you can ....acquire them

    By the way, here's all the other artists I've introduced so far if you're inteterested. From what I can gather about your musical tastes, you'll probably like Ulfuls too lol. Anyway don't mean to bombard you with too many things at once. Just giving you suggestions :)

  4. Been seeing those names mentioned here and there, and I think I am just psyching myself up/preparing myself to like them. :) Like, Hotei's "Thrill", I've had "One Night Carnival" on my iTunes for years without even realizing who the artist was!I only recently started investigating on Kishidan because of their involvement on "All Time Super Guest"!(Btw, thanks for the above links. J-rock is an expensive interest, so I'm very grateful to the internet/intanetto for providing an alternative means of acquisition!