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Japanese Stuff: Furyou

Japanese Stuff:
                      FURYOU  不良

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Yes, yes, welcome to J Burogu. As you've probably gathered, this post is going to be about Japanese delinquents...

It came to mind that this might be a fairly interesting topic to write about while doing the post about 'Gorillaman', as although a lot of Japanese media (anime, films, manga etc) have these types of characters, non Japanese people probably don't know them. These misguided youths, at least the traditional/ stereotypical image of them, are very different to those of other countries as far as I'm aware. Soooooooo yeaaah....... here we go.

不良 by itself actually just means "Not good" (Not=不, good =), but is generally used as a shortened way of referring to 不良 行為 少年, or  少女.         
                           Furyou   Koui  Shounen    Shoujo     
                              Bad      Act      Boy        Girl

 Okay kanji lesson out of the way for now...  

One of the first things you would probably notice about the stereotypical Japanese delinquent is their appearance. Although in real life many delinquents (due to Western influences) now may dress similar to their counterparts in America/Euro etc (hip hop clothes), the traditional dress consists of the school uniform (学ラン/Gakuran)


Fashion Guide For Furyou

The typical fit for a gakuran would be something like what this young lad on the left is wearing..... Tidy and neat. What an absolute LOSER.

ラン (短=Short)  
If you want to be a Japanese furyou, your fashion has to be more rough. Although there are many variations in sizes, generally the goal is to make your clothes look baggy. The top and the bottom pieces of clothing can be purchased in different sizes to suit your liking. You can have a ラン (Tan Ran), a smaller
sized top like this guy  on the right here. Or you can have a 中ラン (Chu Ran) or 長ラン (Chou Ran) if you like your tops bigger and badder.
長ラン (長=Long) 

ラン (中= Medium)  

Now that you're all sorted with your tops, now you choose your pants. You can have your standard type, or you can go for something extra with either the ボンタン (Bontan) or ドカン (Dokan). The Bontan is what you might call parachute pants. They are extremely wide, but narrow down as they reach your ankles. The Dokan on the other hand a wide and straight.  
ドカン Dokan
ボンタン Bontan

Hopefully you feel comfortable and confident in your new choice of clothes. You should be kicking someones ass in them soon.....

You're not quite done yet though. You still haven't changed your hairstyle!
The most popular is the Regent Hairstyle リ-ゼント (Riizento)

Or you could give your self some curls and get a Punch Perm  パンチパーマ  Panchi Paama

Or you can kind of a have a mix of the two with the アイパー Aipaa

But  if you really want to look fierce, like an 'Oni' or demon, the 鬼ゾリ (Onizori) is for you

Whatever you end up deciding to look like make sure to keep scowling, and death stare anyone who thinks they are tough enough to look at you. When you don't really have anything to do do the Unko zuwari うんこ座り(the Poo Sit) other wise known as Yankii zuwari ヤンキー座り.

Have a puff from a cigarette or drink some alcohol, or you could always attend the game arcade or pachinko parlour...............while waiting for the next post on Furyous....
Because ........I'm tired of

Unko zuwari...
I suppose it's because thats the stance you take when doing a poo in an old style toilet


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