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Japanese Stuff: Furyou (Part. 2)

 Japanese Stuff: 
                        FURYOU  不良 (Part. 2)

Hey there, here's Part 2 of the post on Furyou's (Japanese Delinquents).
If you haven't read Part 1 yet do so if you wish

Sorry for making you wait for this post....I see you're still waiting for me while doing the Unko zuwari.
Hope you didn't get too bored....?

Wo there....You don't need to scowl at me like that...What? I told you to do that?....right. Okay do as you please. 

Wha?..hey! I said I'm sorry no need to gang up on me with your buddies. I see you're taking this Furyou thing seriously........

Was that meant to be a joke or something!?
Ahem......okay sorry about that lame sequence I just did.... let's get started.

A reader mention (thanks for the comment) about the previous post that it was reminiscent of an anime called Cromartie High School. I would be lying if I said I wasn't either and realised that while I was writing it. Hopefully you don't think that I stole the idea........although maybe I did unconsciously. Who knows? Anyway, here's the episode that I'm talking about. It's only about 10 min so WATCH IT

Continuing on with the Furyou's fashion code, I'd just like to mention what you would wear if you were a female Furyou aka スケバン (Sukeban). Dress for these fearsome girls are stereotypically a セーラー服 (Sailor Fuku--Sailor clothes), which is the name for the female school uniform.

**ちなみに (chinami ni --"incidentally/ By the way"), セーラー服 is wear the Sailor from Sailor Moon comes from..because they're wearing Sailor fuku.

Unlike Sailor Moon however, instead of Mega mini skirts, Sukeban's wear long, leg length skirts and carry around a Kendo stick. The red scraf(?) thing is also a popular addition in popculture, but whether they would/did in real life probably depends on their actual school uniform....

Be careful they might also be carrying machine guns

Hopefully you don't get into fights with them because you'll probably face a fighting combo and lose many things including your confidence, your manhood and incidentally your future babies... 

If you're a girl then you'll probably come out of the fight with 50% of your hair lost.



So now you've got your look together, it's time to tell you the rules of the Furyou way. I'll tell you now that these aren't necessarily followed.

1.Fight only with your bare hands

2. Take good care of your pals. If one gets beaten up, gather your band of brigands and get revenge on the guy/s who did it.

3. However, if one of your pals tries to leave the group, turn him into a punching bag because they are betraying your friendship.
Sorry pal.
4. There is no Senpai 先輩 or Kouhai 後輩(Senior, Junior) relationship, unless if they are stronger than you. Accordingly, those who are the strongest at fighting, is the boss.

Well, you're pretty much set to go now and cause problems in society! You can go pickpocket at your nearest convenience store or supermarket, or you can mug ordinary looking weak people. It's also okay now to illegally drink and smoke underage, take other drugs if you please, and in general have a blast.

You can also look forward to a future in Bousouzoku (Hoon gangs), Yakuza or some other crime related gang unless if you come clean at some point.

If you're really lucky though you could become a famous TV/film star,

Ukaji Takashi

 or musician,
Yazawa Eikichi and his band Carol.
They actually popularised a lot of the Furyou fashion back in the 1970's
or maybe even comedian.

Degawa Tetsuro

Hope you liked this post......
Stay tuned for a future post about Furyou slang words to help you communicate in the hard cold world of delinquent youths. Don't know if it will be the next post but I'll get around to it

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