Monday, 20 June 2011

Gackt: New single- Episode. 0

Gackt: New single- Episode. 0

Well, when I started this blog I had it in my mind that I'll try not to include too much Visual Kei/ Pretty boy stuff because there are a tonne of other blogs that do the same thing. Even so, I suppose just for the sake of variety on this blog and the fact that I like this artist I've decided to post the new single by Gackt, called "Episode. 0".

....Also I won't have to write that much/ do research like with the Furyou posts....

Although this news has been out for a while, generally there's only been short versions of them around the random places I've seen it posted. I've stumbled upon the full version though, so here it is if you're interested:

.........Seems decent enough.
He seems to like dressing up as Samurai these days. Which is fine. Who wouldn't?
Actually he's dressed up as here as Gakupo, which is the male vocaloid that samples Gackts voice....and yeah not much else to say about that from me (not a particular fan of vocaloid o_o), apart from that the single cover was drawn by the artist of 'Berserk', Miura Kentaro, which is quite cool.

Weeeell, hopefully I'll get some more readers for this blog by fishing for fangirls and fanboys.

Thank you to all the current readers, or any other random person who randomly reads parts of this blog.

Very greatful yo

Ohhh and if someone could tell me if its possible to (and how) increase the size of these youtube videos on posts, that would be much appreciated.

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  1. Hi Godzilla!
    I actually *cough cough* liked Gackt's first 2, or 3 albums *cough cough*. I read somewhere that he's formed a new band, Yellow Fried Chickenz was it? Sorry, too lazy to google :D I just read it somewhere on 2ch, and his drummer is Luna Sea's Shinya.

    About the Youtube thing, when posting, go to the HTML tab and edit the HTML code. The code for the embedded video looks like this:
    iframe width="560" height="349" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen /iframe

    There should be <'s and >'s at some points in that code. I just deleted it here since the comments thingy is recognizing it as an embedded video ^_^;
    So you can just get a calculator and change the height and width values while keeping the ratio :D

    Or alternately, you can go to the Youtube video itself, click on "SHARE", then "EMBED". You can change the size there and when you're done, you can just copy the code in the boxy thing, go to your post, select HTML and paste it there!