Sunday, 22 March 2015

Ametalk! Pro-Wrestling Is Hot Right Now Comedians


How's it going people?
Hope you've all been well these past few months.
I have finally finished subbing a video for you to watch.

Sorry Shabekuri fans, it's not Shabekuri (fuck sake).

It's an episode from Ametalk! where comedians talk about the current state of pro-wrestling in Japan.
Pro-wrestling is basically the Japanese version of staged wrestling like in WWE or WWF or WTF? or whatever they're called these days. You know, the ones with Hulk Hogan and the Rock and stuff. I dunno.

This sport has also seen massive popularity in Japan, particularly in the 80's, where there was a pro-wrestling boom, and tv ratings for matches were crazy.

I'm not particularly a fan, watching a match can be boring and a bit embarrassing when it's so obviously fake. But I do see it's charms when people talk about it, like in this video. I'd like to sub some of the previous Ametalk pro-wrestling episodes where they talk about pro-wrestling of the past sometime.
 Anyway, hope you like it. Sorry about the shite video quality.
I've forgotten how to render nicely, and I can't be stuffed trying it again.


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Translation Notes

You Look Like A Famous Female Wrestler
I think Miyasako was referring to Aja Kong, a famous wrestler in the golden era of pro-wrestling.


Rikidozan was a very famous wrestler, thought to be the father of pro wrestling in Japan. He became extremely popular, even to a national hero status after Japan lost WW2 as he would routinely beat American wrestlers, showing that Japanese people could still stand up to them. Or something. Except he was Korean :D

Kano mistakenly calls him Rikido-san. In this case Rikido being the name, and then the honorific -san on the end. Kendo Kobayashi responds by saying that only people quite close to Rikidozan would call him that, as it's a bit casual or kind of like calling him by a knickname.

L'arc En Ciel

This is a very successful pop-rock band in Japan particularly throughout the 2000's. They are particularly famous outside Japan for their Full Metal Alchemist theme song. I used to like these guys a few years back when I was heavily into Japanese music. Wonder how I'd react now?

Stocking Head

Physical humour is quite common in Japan. One iconic joke is to place a stocking over your head, and then pull it off. As the stocking clamps on tight, it pulls the flesh from your face along with it, causing your face to stretch and look strange.


Yokozuna is a the highest rank of of a sumo wrestler. It is difficult to become one, as you must not only show a high level of skill and strength, but also of character. The last attribute is a bit tricky, as it is judged by a panel of old hard headed sumo elders. Until about 15 years ago foreigners were not considered able to have the right character to be yokozuna. This turned out wrong as the majority of yokozuna have been non-Japanese in recent times.

Maseki Entertaiment

Maseki Entertainment is a talent scouting agency. For some reason prominent comedians from there tend to be naturally goofy. Particularly notable ones include Degawa Tetsuro who's main claim to fame is being stupid, incompetent, embarrassing, as well as his silly reactions.

I'm sure there were more but I forgot to take note after this one....if you have any questions let me know.



    Thanks a ton man!

    Also how did you get so fed up with Shabekuri? Not asking you to sub more, I'm just interested. :)

    1. Hey thanks for watching. I'm not so much fed up of Shabekuri. Well I am a bit, but I'm more so fed up with some of the fans, as they are sometimes a bit rude and too demanding of more shabekuri. Not everyone though, obviously.

    2. I can understand that.

      Some people don't seem to realize that fansubbing is not a full time paid job.
      I've seen some real toxic behaviour against Game Center CX subbers recently, calling them incompetent, lazy, etc.
      That would drive me away aswell.

      Oh and thanks for making the thread on the GnT fan site. I like to thank subbers there. ;)

  2. The guys from Get Wild are funny as hell :D

  3. What a pleasant surprise, thanks a ton for this Ame-talk episode! In case anyone is curious, the air-date for this episode is May 5th, 2013.

    1. You're welcome. I've put a link to your stream by the way. Hope you don't mind?

  4. Thank you for this! I've been wondering why quite a few Japanese celebrities are really into pro-wrestling. Maybe I'll understand a little better now. A little.

  5. Thank you for this! I've been wondering why quite a few Japanese celebrities are really into pro-wrestling. Maybe I'll understand a little better now. A little.