Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Hmm you choose?

Soo, I haven't started on the next video yet, but am thinking of possibly starting soon.
I've been trying to decide what to do, but am a but sick of the usual options that I have been going for.
How about something new? Or some other kind of show I've never or rarely done before.

I dunno, you choose.

I'll give you some options.

1. Sekai No Hate Made ItteQ!
(Going All The Way To The Ends of the World!) ....or somthing

This is a show which each week sends some comedians and talents to travel to another country to cover a certain topic. For example, Miyagawa Daisuke, who you may know from the Suberanai hanashi series, is sent off to investigate and take part in the various festivals around the world. These range from the well known bull chases in Spain, to obscure, village eel catching contests in South East Asia. Another popular talent to emerge from this show is Imoto Ayako, who searches for exotic animals (eg, narwhals), and Tegoshi Yuya, a popular male idol who takes on various challenges to learn certain skills like a Chinese tea pouring martial art, or glitter dust artworks.

As an example, here's an ep where they go to Italy to take part in a cardboard box boat race.

Another reason you may like me to sub this is because they may visit your home country in an episode, and that might be insteresting for you!

2. Suberanai Hanashi
I've done this show before several times, but not for a while now, so it feels like about time I did.
But I kind of feel like doing something else too. If you don't know what this show is, just search the blog for it.

3. Documentary/ Something Educational

Rather than just watching nonsensical silly Japanese comedy, maybe it'd be good to watch something a bit more educational and insightful? There are plenty of shows about history or other famous sports figures, politicians, manga artists, etc etc. Maybe leave a comment of what kind of topic you'd like it to be about too?

4. Gurunai
This is just a show about a group of people eating food at an expensive restaurant, and then trying  to guess how much money it'd cost them to eat what they ordered. The person with the worst guess ends up having to pay for the whole group. It features 99, the  hosts from the show Mecha-ike, along with a few other regular casts, and weekly guests. I'm not too keen to do this, but have received a few requests before, so I'm open to subbing this.

Here's an episode example (I haven't watched this particular one, so sorry if it's shit)

5. Music related show
 Like Hey Hey Hey, or Music Champ or some other one that features music. I've done these before, but maybe you want to see more? Whatever, leave a suggestion if you want one like this. Preferably not anymore Gackt things though...

6. Some other show that I usually do

Or just some other show I've done before, like Lincoln or Ametalk or something. You can suggest one here too. Don't expect a Shabekuri one though. Especially if you're gonna be a dick about it.

What show should I sub next?
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  1. 4!!! 4 sounds interesting for me atleast :/ and thanks for asking for our opinions and doing this for us xD!

  2. There is a new professional matsumoto documentary, i haven't seen it yet, but i know it's about his new movie and him being in cinema festivals in the US,not sure? i believe i have seen a clip of it on J-addicts. Thank for asking our opinion Godzilla. We should give you millions of dollars lol

  3. I would love to see more Gaki no tsukai but i understand if that is something you are bored with. Take a look at Utaban. that may be something to consider?

  4. In my opinion Sekai No Hate Made ItteQ! doesn't really need subtitles as much as the other shows to be entertaining. Also, there are just too many Japanese TV shows involving food and Gurunai (even if 99 are the hosts) doesn't sound like something I'd enjoy as much as the other options. Everything else on the list sounds great. I'd love Suberanai Hanashi episode 6, God Tounge Oogirish Night 2 Week 2 or if you decide to go with Hey! Hey! Hey! old ones with Sharan Q or maybe Seikima-II would be funny. There are already english subtitles available for many, if not all, Soko ga Shiritai episodes, but if there are similar shows then that might be something you would be interested in subtitling.

    Suberanai Hanashi is the funniest show you have subtitled so far though and was an easy choice in the poll.

  5. A japanese documentary would be very interesting, though I can't give you any suggestions.

  6. A documentary on something like Japanese baseball culture.

  7. Can you do this Lincoln horror episode?

    It looks pretty scary ;o

  8. One of my Japanese customers suggested Waido no Sho


  10. Dassahatsu game dero... I could even supply(and time) the raw. I really enjoy the show, its half game show/ half educational

    1. I wouldn't mind translating some dero/tore of my choice if you time it, cos I suck at that, but I checked your blog and it seems you've been in japan for a few years already? don't you speak it enough to not need it? You probably understand it better than me, I've never been to Japan....

      Anyway, send me an email if interested (marga.gp @ gmail)

    2. Yeah, please, please, please, do another DERO! or TORE! episode! I really want to see another one. It's so hard (well, almost impossible) to find English subbed episodes. There are only three on the Internet. THREE!

  11. more shabekuri 007 please. :D

  12. shhhhhabekuri 007.... :D yeah, I voted for Nr. 6 ^^

  13. How about a Million Kazoku SP?

    Those are always fun, although they are fairly lengthy.

    Great work as always!!

  14. Glad I'm not the only one to say it: MOYA MOYA SUMMERS!!!!

    (Thanks for everything you've subtitled so far, I love all of it!)

  15. In case anyone is interested, here's a link to a whole bunch of raw Moya Moya Summers 2 episodes:


  16. I voted for Suberanai Hanashi, but I'd also love to see more shabekuri, it's hilarious evertime.

    I don't enjoy gurunai as much, it gets boring at times with so much food stuff, and I never understood the fuzz about moya moya summers. Anything else is welcomed.

    Toshochu run for money is a good show to subtitle since it's all specials, but it's quite long, so... but check it out, it's very entertaining.

  17. shabekuri 007, please..
    thank you so much!

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