Thursday, 21 March 2013

Video Subbing: Prize Winning Life, Nasubi Part 2

Hey peeps,

Here is 15 minutes more of Nasubi's prize winning lifestyle from the show "Susunu! Denpa Shounen".

A big thanks goes to PigInTheMud for uploading the raw videos of the series.

It's a pretty much straight forward episode, so there was nothing I need to mention regarding translation notes, which was lucky.

I hope the subs aren't too hard to read. I sort of stayed faithful to the Japanese text  and so it might seem to fly around the screen and be difficult to follow. Sorry if it is, but I was just experimenting.....I might not do it as much again since it takes for ever to time it correctly etc. Only for noises and stuff.

Anyway, hope you enjoy.


Nasubi 2 by juxtapose31


  1. Holy sh..., this was posted on my birthday.
    Thank you Godzilla.

  2. Thats crazy.. Did he really starve on jelly for a whole month? I think I couldn't go a whole day without eating lol.

    Thanks again Godzilla

    1. I think they give him water and maybe bread or some other bland food.

  3. Thank you for the subs! First heard about the show here on this blog and been looking forward to more episodes ever since. Glad to see that you're still working on it.

    I wonder if Nasubi got at least some other food besides what is shown in the video... and did he have an option to abandon the 'game'? He must have right?

    1. I think he got water and some other bland food.
      I heard he tried to abandon it many times but he was (somehow) persuaded to stay. Perhaps he thought that this would help him succeed as a comedian.

      I don't really know, but he certainly didn't have a good time doing this.

  4. This program is soo sick i hope u get round to subbing the rest!!!