Sunday, 31 March 2013


Hey everyone,

Here's a very short video from the Cocorico's skit show, "Miracle Type".
I did few quite a long time ago, and people seemed to like that a fair bit so here's another one.
Although it doesn't feature the Cocorico pair very much, I found this one interesting and impressive.

I'll have to say it's not really "funny" as such but the way they delivered it kinda reminded me of anime or manga.

Oh, the reason for only doing a short video is that I'm a bit busy helping another team sub something.
Don't worry, there is a Shabekuri in the works too.

I suppose it's also worth mentioning before watching that in the big cities of Japan, there are things called Female-only carriages on the trains. As a shit load of people try to squeeze in to trains during rush hour, these female-only carriages were implemented to protect women from being a victim of "chikan". Chikan is sexual abuse, and is mainly men feeling or grabbing women's bodies and lovely parts.

Yep lots of Japanese guys are sexually charged  pervs.
Please be careful of them if you go to Japan some day, and if it happens to you, drag the loser to the station officer when the train stops.

You can probably kick him in the balls too, if you want.



  1. The rock song played in this skit is "We're All To Blame" by Sum41.

    1. Thanks, I was sort of wondering about that!

  2. Simply hilarious.

  3. Japanese people are sooo cool! i almost died laughing when she falls sleep and from nowhere the music stops playing!! and everyone was like.."WTH!!" hahaha thank you godzilla, this little clips are comedy gold!! i hope you can continue uploading videos to dailymotion.