Sunday, 14 October 2012

Video Subbing: GOD TONGUE (2011.11.26) Oogirish Night!


Here's another video sub. It's a show I've never done before, called "God Tongue".
It's basically a late night variety show where they just do.....whatever. It's a variety show.

It's hosted by manzai duo Ogi-Yahagi (Ogi Hiroaki and Yahagi Ken), and solo comedian, Gekidan Hitori.
This particular episode is a  play-off of a popular show called "Gilgamesh Night" which used to air in the 90s. Check wikipedia for a short explanation HERE

They play "Oogiri", a popular game where some sort of topic or question is provided the host, and another group thinks up answers with the aim of making the most people laugh. This time, the topics are sex related or 'erotic', and so has been dubbed as Ero-oogiri.

There are quite a few translation notes in green writing that pop up at the top of the screen in this video so keep an eye out for those too.


God Tounge (2011.11.26) Oogirish Night by juxtapose31  

***There was a translation error in the video.
I wrote "Is there a difference between salt and piss?" when it should have been "Is squirting and pissing different?".

Sorry about the inaccuracy, I feel like a stooge.
And thanks to the person who pointed it out.

Hehe, haven't really bothered to do this for a while but there were a few that might be a bit interesting to write about.

Literally, it means "Flower Petal Rotation" but actually refers to a service that some brothels, massage parlours etc, provide. Quite simply, you get to be attended by many different girls, but one at a time in short time periods (eg 15 mins). This allows the man to experience being in contact with a large number of girls, but on the minus side might not really be able to fulfill all of the pleasures he'd like with them.....

This was likened by Gekidan Hitori to the situation with Japanese prime ministerial changes in recent years. Ever since Junichiro Koizumi stepped down in 2006, there have been six prime ministers, with none staying in power for more than 15 months.

This was a popular disco/ night club in the 1990's, and was a symbol of the bodycon era. Body con was a style of fashion popular among females then, and basically consisted of girls dressing in tight dresses with very short skirts. Juliana Tokyo was particularly famous as they had elevated dancing platforms where amateur dancers (often office ladies) could stand on and move around. Meanwhile, sleaze balls looked up at their revealed panties. Yes.

In the video Gekidan Hitori meantions that a girl is a "Health". I just translated this as masseuse, because most people won't understand "health". In Japan, there are many forms of prostitution, even though prostitution is technically illegal. So, some brothels get past this law by calling them selves "Fashion Health" or just Health, and claim that they only endorse services that just stop short of sex, such as massages. However they don't take any responsibility for "what might happen afterwards" as that's not what they're offering OFFICIALLY.

Some places even have girls that wash you with their naked body (called Soaplands).


  1. I haven't laughed like this in a long time))
    Thank you very much.
    Is that was the only one Oogiri they played?

    1. Glad you liked it! There have been about three more episodes since this one.

  2. Wow, that was amazing, thanks a lot for the sub! You are awesome.

  3. I guess being the hosts of Onegai/Onedari Muscat isn't too much of stretch for OgiYahagi compared to this.

  4. i'm cracking up watching this video~! it's so funny and different...
    by the way do you happen to know the name of the 3 idols there??

    1. Glad you liked it. From left to right

      Fuchigami Ayaka 渕上彩夏
      Kimura Konomi 木村好珠
      Kamuro Mai 神室まい

  5. i was actually surprised that first level comedians did this segment))
    Gekidan Hitori's answers was awesome
    are you planning on doing another one?

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  7. This was great, thank you for subbing ^^

  8. LOOL i died laughing at the 87'th word and when the first guy said damn it haha!!
    thanks for subbing :)

  9. Oh man hope u do more of god tongue lots of great segments

  10. Loved it !! Thanks for the sub.
    Hope you do more of this show.

  11. Great job, but shio(fuki) is actually "squirting" in English. IT should be "is squirting and pissing the same. Otherwise, great job.

    1. Interesting. I'm obviously not completely familiar with Japanese ero terms lol. I'll have to admit that that answer didn't make any sense to me until now. Thanks for the clearing up!

  12. Need more of these so bad! Thanks a lot for this, hope you will release more! Love watching them teasing idols with dirty jokes