Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Video Subbing: Zeniga Kintaro (2011.09.08) Arita Meets Female Wrestlers

Hey all, finally I've managed to subtitle another video.
The university semester has restarted and I've moved back into my parent's house on the Gold Coast, so there has been slightly less time to work on precious subs.

Even so! I will not stop! lol

This time around I've subbed a show I've never done before (and no one else for that matter!). I:m sure you'll thoroughly enjoy it though. It's from a 'revival special' episode of the now finished show, Zenigata Kintaro (oft shortened to 'Zenikin'). It was hosted by Neptunes, and featured 'Supporters', including Cream Stew, Azumax and Tsuchida Teruyuki, who go and meet poor people and report on how they live with little to no money. Each of the encounters are hilarious to say the least, although you do feel a bit sorry for the people they meet as they get teased and made fun of a lot (except a lot of them are just plain weird).

Unfortunately, basically no episodes of this show from when it was still running exist, and only two 'revival specials' which were broadcasted in the past year or so are available. These episodes go for 2 hours or but I've only had time to sub one encounter this time (approx 20 min), so naturally I chose the talented Arita Teppei who we all know from Shabekuri fame.

Needless to say, tears of laughter are almost guaranteed with this guy.
For me at least lol


Zengata Kintaro(2011.09.08) Female Wrestler... by juxtapose31


  1. thanks for the new video ! arita is so funny xDD

  2. Thanks!! I love you man))
    And i love hentai arita))
    And i really like that you do not only downtown releated staff)

  3. Haha Arita's trying to lie down on Yoshika's bed..nice try *pats* Yoshika san is cute xD

    Love the multicolored subs and thanks again for sharing!

  4. Really funny you are the best, thanks!

  5. Yeah! Arita sensei)
    Thank you very much!
    Hope next will be Lincoln!

  6. Oh my goodness!! Yoshika-chan is so cute!!

  7. I actually remember watching this some time ago but I forgot who subbed it though. Still, it was a nice episode to watch since it kinda reminded me of another video I watched (which was about hardships in being part of a large idol group).

  8. I enjoyed this episode immensely, i wish to see more or even get a lead onto where i can find the raws.

  9. please sub more of this show