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Finally a video sub. At last aye.

I had this done about three days ago but no access to an internet source to upload it quickly until now.
So, here's the third installment of the popular series, Matsumoto Hitoshi's Suberanai Hanashi!
It's a nicer quality video than the previous ones because I actually own the dvd with this and episode 4 on it.

If you don't mind, I'd lie it if you could tell me which stories, or comedians you found the funniest. They start to do this later on in the series by crowning them the MVP but not for these first few, so  I thought we might as well kind of just say which ones we liked the most. I'll leave mine on the bottom so that it doesn't affect your decision. People's opinions are easily swayed even when you don't think so. I do psychology so I know this kind of shizam.

Ohh, and Happy Easter I suppose lol. It's a bit late though.


Suberanai Hanashi 3 by juxtapose31



Sugawara Bunta was a very famous actor, mainly for the "Jingi Naki Tatakai" aka 'Battle Without Honour or Humanity' series. It's a yakuza gangster film and I suppose would be something like the Japanese version of Godfather.

Hanshin Tigers are a baseball team mainly supported by the fans in the kansai region. They were originally a team from Osaka but now are based in Kobe. They are one of the oldest and biggest clubs in Japan and are the main rival the Yomiuri Giants from Tokyo. Their rivalry is described as Japanese version of New York Yankees vs Boston Red Sox but I've no idea what that is like. Hopefully you do....

Here's their theme song "Rokko Oroshi", which refers to the cold wind that blows down from the Rokko mountains in Hyogo prefecture. Hanshin fans are extremely passionate and fanatical. I've even been in a pachinko parlour that plays this song nonstop at full blast lol.


Randy Bass was very popular foreign baseball player in the Hanshin Tigers between 1983~1988.
He is now a Democratic State Senator in Oklahoma apparently. He has left several legends of his exlpoits in Japan including a .400 batting average, the highest ever for a player in Japan. There is also one called the "Curse of the Colonel". Here's an exert from wikipedia.

Curse of the Colonel

Bass is also famous in Japan for the "Curse of the Colonel." Following the 1985 Series victory, revelers celebrated by calling off the names of team members one by one. At each name, a fan who looked like that player would jump into the filthy Dotonbori canal. For Bass, someone threw a life-sized model of Colonel Sanders, the mascot of Kentucky Fried Chicken and the only close-at-hand likeness of a bearded American, into the river. The statue disappeared and is said to have caused the subsequent decade-long dismal performance in the Central League.
In an attempt to remove the curse, fans made repeated attempts to find the model, making offerings to the statues of the Colonel for forgiveness. In 2003, when the Tigers returned to the Japan Series after 18 years with one of the worst records in the Central League, many KFC outlets in Kōbe and Ōsaka moved their Colonel Sanders statues inside until the series was over to protect them from rabid Tigers fans. The newly replaced Colonel Sanders statue in the Dotonbori KFC branch was bolted down to prevent a repeat of the incident.
On March 10, 2009, the top half of the statue (minus hands and legs) originally thrown into the Dotonbori River was recovered during construction of a walkway. A diver said that he had thought he had found a large barrel, but was surprised when it turned out to be the upper body of the Colonel.[2] The statue's legs and right hand were recovered the following day. The statue is still missing its glasses and left hand. The statue of Colonel Sanders is currently in a KFC franchise across the street from Koshien Stadium.[3]


Manzu are a type of tile in the Chinese game of Mah Jong. They refer to the tiles with number characters on them. They're also called Wanzu.  I think the "dirty joke" was mean to be the similarity of 'manzu' with the word, 'manko' which means vagina, but I'm not really sure.


Kyou Utako was a popular manzai comedian with Ootori Keisuke as a pair called "Kyouko Keisuke" in the 1950's and 60's. She eventually married her comedy partner but divorced later on. Aside from comedy, she has also starred in many dramas and several films.


Ryokan are traditional styled Japanese inns. They often set up business around in hot spring towns or places out of the city like mountains etc, although there are some in the cities too (mainly for tourists though I think). They often made out of wood and have tatami mat floors and get you to sleep on the floor in futon. In my opinion a good ryokan is one of the best places you can stay as the customer service is done by diligent women owners and the buildings are very beautiful. Not always though ;p. Obviously the building would depend on the price you pay, and the service will depend on the persons personality.

 At most ryokan and even hotels, a yukata is prepared for you to use. A yukata is a traditional styled, loose fitting garment worn by both men and women. It is summer clothes so thinner and lighter than normal kimono and is often worn by people after bathing at hot spring resorts. Some people also wear them to summer festivals when it can be a bi humid. They can be very colourful with floral patterns but those are mainly for females and children. By the way, the ones at hot springs are  usually just plain styled ones. Kind of like the ones in the picture or even more plain. The sash isn't as flashy as that though.

SOoo, if you care enough about it here are some of the suberanai hanashi that I liked from this episode. I think I mainly like Kendo Kobayashi with the turtle and the "Keep of Soul train" stories. I also liked Chihara Junior's story about his brother yelling out "You don't need the chair then!!" to the crazy kid though. The last one by Matsumoto with the censorship eraser was also funny.

My opinion may be a bit different since I could understand the Japanese, and it might not be as good with the English subs I've provided. It's hard to sync the words with what they're saying for this show because the sentence structures are a bit different. I've done my best though and hope you enjoyed it!


  1. I've been looking forward to this, thanks!

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  3. thank you !! matsumoto story is so funny xDDD

  4. Thanks a lot for taking the time to do this.

  5. Thank you very much for this! I've been enjoying this series quite a lot. My three favorite stories were "You don't need the chair, then!", the tile shirt and the censorship eraser, though all the stories were pretty fun.

  6. Awesome I love Suberanai Hanashi. Anything with Matsumoto is hilarious! Please continue doing this series. Thanks!

  7. thank you very much for translating this series! Keep up the good work!

  8. Cannot wait to see episode 4, thanks so much for your effort subtitling this.

  9. Thank you so much for this!!! I love Suberanai Hanashi. My favourite ones are KenKoba's too! I'm in love with his voice.
    And I'm also studing psychology in college lol
    Thanks again. I always look forward to your new videos, I check your blog everyday xD Can't wait for part 4!!! :)

  10. This is great. Thanks so much.

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    Nice work on the translation, you did a really good job =)

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    Thank you so MUCH...SO VERY VERY MUCH for all you do. You really make my day...well...mainly tomorrow haha!

  13. Hello Godzilla Radio. This is not a full translation that I'm looking for but only the main meaning of this letter because recently people said Elisa had some medical problems and that's why she had to stop for a while her career. Then she wrote this letter, is she saying she will retire due to medical reasons?

    1. She wrote that she's better now and will continue her career. She will be releasing a "best of" album in June.

    2. Thank you very much

  14. Hi, Godzilla. Thank you for subbing these and taking your time to upload the series. These are really good and funny. I hope that you'll be putting out more? Again, thank you so much.

  15. I like the first story when miyagawa was in primary school

  16. Thanks for more Suberanai Hanashi!
    Ken Koba was MVP for me, Chihara Jr's story about his brother was the first Seiji story I thought was really funny.
    Koumoto's sister story is getting old, but the story about his mom coughing up the bean sprout made me laugh.

  17. Thank you for subbing Suberanai Hanashi!
    I was always curious what this show was (saw previews) but didn't understand what they were talking about but now after seeing this show on your site... I'm now a fan!

    I'm looking forward to your future releases!

  18. My fave was Chihara Jr's story. I don't know much about comedians, does he always dish out about his brother bakaness? XD I remember watching him on a variety show once, telling bunch of stories about his brother, absolutely hilarious :D

    I wish Kawashima got more turns, his deep voice is really nice haha

  19. Thank you very much :D!
    I liked the story about matsumoto doing snorkeling the most because I could imagine every scene in my head XD