Monday, 6 February 2012

Video Subbing [REQUEST]: Abingdon Boys School on MUSIC FIGHTER (2009.02.27)

Heya peeps

Here's another video for people who want it?
You might be wondering why it was so soon after the previous video. That's because I had been gradually doing this one slowly and finally finished it today.

It's an episode of the show, MUSIC FIGHTER featuring the band ABINGDON BOYS SCHOOL. Many of you may know of the vocalist, T.M. Revolution from his solo work as he is a very successful artist. They are quite a cool band, well obviously depends on your taste of music but you should at least check them out if you're interested. They seem to have a lot of non Japanese fans from what I've read in various places of the internet.

So yeah~, here it is.


Music Fighter Abingdon Boys school by juxtapose31

Here's the song "STRENGTH" they were going to play on the show.

Credit to jehrolgi for uploading onto youtube


Miwa Akihiro is a very famous singer/ movie star of the Showa period. He is a cross dressing male, and one of the first and biggest gay celebrities of Japan. I've actually done a little post about him/her, HERE

Monster Hunter is a super awesome game, mainly popular for the handheld psp version as you can easily link up with friends and go 'hunting' together. Apparently a lot of Japanese celebrities also played it. Basically you go around hunting down dragons and other exotic monsters with an array of weapons you can choose from and upgrade. Sounds like an ordinary idea for a game. Well it is, but it's still super special awesome.

Takoyaki is a food that is a symbol of Osaka/Kansai region. Basically its a ball made out of octopus and batter. Common toppings are katsuobushi (dried bonito shavings), green shallots, takoyaki sauce and mayonnaise. It is also seems to be a name given to this hand sign when you put it up to your face.

 I've never heard of it before this so maybe it's a Kansai thing? Who knows. Anyway, this is what real takoyaki look like.

A sennin is an old hermit/wizard guy that usually lives secluded on top of mountains. They appear in mythology as wise men who are experts in many things such as magic, martial arts, etc. Typical appearance is similar to a Western wizard. Generally an old man with a long white beard (but bald head) and carries a staff. Think Master Roshi from Dragonball. He's actually called Kame-sennin (Turtle Sennin) in Japanese. They're supposed to spend most of their time meditating, and generally people meditate in the lotus position. Hence why one of the guys called SUNAO a sennin.


  1. I didn't request this, but I'm happy to see it.. I like ABS. Thanks!

  2. I don't really like ABS, but I like Nishikawa when he appears in TV shows - he's a real chatterbox! So thank you for this:)
    I can't believe these guys are almost 40 here O_o