Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Video Subbing: (REQUEST): Sekai Dangan Traveller: Kato Rosa in Miami (2010.12.11)

Hey everyone, here's an episode of the show Sekai Dangan Traveller featuring Kato Rosa. She visits Miami in Florida, USA to take a drive down the Seven Mile Bridge, one of the longest bridges in the world. Kato Rosa is a half Japanese, half Italian model/actress, and is also married to Japanese football player Daisuke Matsui.

It's the second episode I've subbed from Sekai Dangan Traveller and I've found that I've quite enjoyed watching them. So it's likely you'll see more in the future, especially as there seem to be some fans of the show among the people that check this blog.

Well anyway hope you enjoy it.



  1. YES! I approve, I love this show!
    For once you can learn something with a Japanese variety show unlike all these Japanese shows about gossips.
    Sekai Dangan Traveller is a great show (even though the music in the background is sometimes cheesy)
    Which is also great with Sekai Dangan Traveller, guests can take a break from their busy schedule to do something different.

    I laughed a lot at the moment when she dropped the honorific so fast lol

    Paris and Nicole, the best frienemies on the same screen lol! Last time I saw these two together were for the show Simple Life hehe
    (By the way, no offense but Sekai Dangan Traveller hasn't great standards if they take these two as reference...)

    Shoes made in less than 30 min for more than 300 bucks... what.

    The guy asking her if she has a boyfriend (lol) and why, seeing her reaction so awkward, haha! Well, she could have answered this is because of her management (lol) or just because she is married! And when she was dissed, even more awkward haha! The last sentence "Say hi to your girlfriend" was hilarious.

    Just saw her profile on the web, I didn't know she had a shotgun marriage. Was this episode recorded before the announcement of her pregnancy?

    By the way, she is lovely in this ad:

  2. Haha yeah Japanese people just think that any American celebrity is cool...

    And yeah those shoes were pretty damn expensive considering all the guy basically did was staple some material on a shoe sole....

    Yeah that scene with the boyfriend/girlfriend talk was funny. I really felt sorry for her lol. I really liked that last line of hers too though haaha!

    And yeah she got married in June 2011 while this show was shown on December 2010. She must have gotten pregnant with her husband so had to get married.

    That's a nice ad! Her smile is so cute~♪

  3. Oh and by the way, how far have you gotten with JoJo's Bizarre Adventure?

  4. I was already at the 4th part (by the way this part is axed on a same city reminds me a bit the concept of the video game GTA, aka characters travelling on a limited area) until I saw this picture:
    I was so angry against Araki for making Joseph and Jonathan so small compared to Giorno for example, as if these two weren't that important that I stopped reading.
    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ (lol)

    I was also reading the first chapters of the current arc with Jojolion and I was surprised about Araki's drawing technique for this part. It gaves me the feeling that Araki was looking for his own style, the pencil strokes are not fluid compared to parts 3 and 4 which are more "clean". And Jojolion seems to be more a draft. (which is really weird since Araki already knows how to draw since all these years)

  5. Ahh okay then I can post what I was planning to post hehe.

    Yeah it kind of reminded me of GTA or some sort of game too.

    As for that picture, the characters are all seperate pictures that ARaki drew previously so it was probably someone else that compiled them and chose the sizes and stuff. I highly doubt that Mr. Araki himself did it.

    Everyones preferences of each JoJo parts are different too so it's kind of hard to say which ones are more important than the others. But Giorno still is oversized.

    You should still keep reading it though! Part 4 gets really good in the later half, as does Part 5 with Giorno! I'm currently reading Part 7 and thats' also getting good. Araki seems to build things up slowly and the most exciting parts are usually start at half way and just keep getting better.

    I've only looked at a little bit of Jojolion so can't really say anything about that but I suppose he's experimenting with his style.

    Nice flipping over the table emoticon thing by the way lol!

  6. lol!

    I think you're totally right about the disproportion of some characters.
    I've also asked the same question to a fan who do Jojo scanlation for a long time:
    I admit, I probably interpreted too fast this drawing. Makes me wanna read more Jojo! \(^-^)/
    And in addition, I was relieved when I saw today this another picture for a cover:
    (everyone has more or less the same proportion and I like the idea of a different color for each character)
    While reading part 4, it's obvious that Araki truly loves Josuke, he gave him one of the best power and in addition this is a positive power (aka healing to the other people) unlike his predecessors who had powerful powers to kill (bad people but they still kill at the end).
    I also read some spoilers saying the 4th arc is the only arc that the main character doesn't kill anyone, Josuke is a real saint lol

    By the way, when will you sub an Araki interview? (kidding, kidding)
    I saw some comments talking about a book about Araki (maybe a bio) and these comments were saying some Japanese people tried to analyze Araki's sexuality through this book. I didn't know drawing a lot of heart on Dio would raise so many questions from fans lol

    I read on wiki that Araki is from Sendai. I keep wondering how would have been the part with Jojolion if the tragedy of the earthquake would have never happened.

  7. Ohhh an Araki interview! I wonder why I hadn't even looked for one yet! Thanks for the idea.