Friday, 9 December 2011

Good songs by Japanese female singers that you might not know

Hello there~

Well, today's post is about "Good songs by female singers that you might not know" lol
Pretty long title hey? But that's what it's about and I couldn't really bother thinking how to shorten it.
So....I don't think it needs much more explaining.

Hajime Chitose - Wadatsumi no Ki

This is song was was huge hit back in 2003. The singer, Hajime Chitose was born on and grown up on one of the Ryukyuu islands (around where Okinawa is). Her songs are quite special as she sings in the traditional style of that region. You'll understand clearly what that is when you listen to the song. The name of the song, ワダツミの木 "Wadatsumi no Ki" means "The Wadatsumi's Tree". Wadatsumi refers to a mythological dragon which is the god of the sea in Japan folklore (wikipedia). The lyrics were written by a musician called Ueda Gen, who said that it's a story about a woman who loved someone so much that she turned into a flower.

CHARA- Time Machine
Chara was one of the top stars among highschool girls around mid 90's to early 2000's. She's also got an unusual high pitched but husky kind of voice, which may put off some people (my sister at least). Even so, I think this is a really nice song.

Misia- Escape
Misia was a big star of the early 2000's and late 1990's, and helped popularise R'n'B in Japan, leaving behind many massive hits and great songs. She's still popular today and sang the theme song for the hit drama "JIN" about a modern doctor that get's sent back into time to around the Meiji Restoration. Although this isn't my favourite song of hers I felt that I needed a different sounding song to create more variation to this list. The video has some strange introduction for several minutes so you'll have to skip that to get to the song (-_-).

Ego Wrappin'- Shikisai no Blues
Shikisai no Blues 色彩のブルース, means 'Four Season Blues' and is tune by the jazz band Ego Wrappin'.  This song was their biggest hit and the first one I had heard of them. I fell in love with it straight away and immediately went looking for more. They're fairly experimental people and you often hear the singer, Nakano Yoshie making strange noises but this is one of the songs where they don't, so you don't have to worry about sudden scatting half way through the song lol. Unless if you like scat.

Well I think that's enough songs for one post. Don't really want to bombard you with too much stuff or you probably won't bother listening. Who knows, this might even be too much for some people. Whatever the case, I hope you enjoy these as much as I do. I'll most likely be doing similar posts like this in the future, so watch out for those~


  1. Hey! 'Sup! Just sayin' a huge thank you for the MISIA girl, because the drama ''JIN'' peeked my interest and now I'm watching it, something to keep me busy for weeks to come now xD.
    Thanks alot for your hardwork on these posts :D!

    Keep on rolling~!

  2. Ahh that's good! It's a pretty good drama, although I've only seen the first season.

    Thanks for reading!