Thursday, 29 December 2011

Video Subbing (Request): Nagasawa Masami on PuSMA (2009.11.17)

This is the first time I've subtitled a video from this show. It's hosted by Kusanagi Tsuyoshi from SMAP and the actor, Yusuke Santamaria. They do all sorts of things on this show, mainly strange little games and it's usually fairly funny although theirs way too much pointless narration. This episode is from 2009 and features the actress Nagasawa Masami. They do several drawing contests and showcase their crap art skills.

Here it is:

Download from Mediafire (150MB)


  1. I'm looking forward to watching this video (although I don't know who she is, it doesn't hurt watching it =D).

    Also, this is just a suggestion, but since it's almost 2012, why not add another post about the culture of Japan during a new year? I think that would be interesting. It doesn't have to be immediately during new years, but it'd be nice to learn about it. Besides you've been posting subbed videos most of the time, a cultural one won't be that bad...right?....Not unless it takes more effort, but it's just a suggestion XD.