Monday, 19 December 2011

Video Subbing (Request): Gackt on Pikaru no Teiri (2011.12.03)

Hey again, here's another recent short clip of Gackt, this time on the show "Pikaru No Teiri". It's a skit show hosted by young comedians who aren't very funny although they try to be. They just make a lot of noise. Actually Gackt is the only funny one here and he's not even a comedian.

It's more of his famous training/torture equipment, including the crotch stretcher and the rolling push up thing.

Anyway here it is.

Mediafire link  (45MB)

Pikaru no Teiri (11.12.03) Gackt [English subs] by juxtapose31


  1. Thanks for the video, I felt sad for the chubby guy who has sit on weird machine. He shouldn't laugh at the chubby girl, that was not funny, poor thing, she must felt embarrassed.

  2. Thank you, Your Awesomeness! My thoughts exactly, much noise and then nothing much more. GACKT certainly is amusing, in many shows even more than actual hosts. Sadist perhaps, but he definitely gets results...For some reason I would really like to try those equipments. And regret later.

  3. you know you could buy online and try them yourself, I have roller thing the one he uses to kind of glide with on the floor. I always wonder are the presenters always this excited to see him? Is it me or his nose looks pointy and kind of weird. I don't me to insult him or anything. Hopefully he does more entertaining interviews than this. I too realized that this interview like moon saga was much more of hype. Now I feel guilty too have asked to translate it. Oh well. I am sure there will be plenty of happy fans with this interview and the other one.

  4. lol GACKT really does love those 2 machines. I got the roller too but I can only manage to get back up while im on my knees.
    About whether the chubby girl(cos I don't know her name x.x) was embarassed, shes a comedian and often does dances that make people laugh so Im pretty sure she knew whether her pants were showing (if it was really her pants).

  5. Yeah my brother had some sort of rolling wheel thing but it was a little bit different to Gackts.

    Yeah, the chubby girl's name is Naomi Watanabe and was famous for doing a Beyonce impersonation. It's mostly just her bouncing around her big body. And yes she's a comedian so although she might have been a bit embarrassed, but probably not that much. OH well.

  6. Thanks so much for translating and subbing, I enjoyed it a lot!

    I have another request, but only if you feel like it and have time. It is another GACKT video, and it is pretty long. Like, 30minutes..