Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Recent Japanese Songs That I Like


How's everyone doing? Hope you're all genki.
I noticed that a lot of the things I write about or subtitle on this blog are things from several years in the past, rather than recent stuff. That's not really a problem but I suppose that its good to get with the times and mention some more up-to-date stuff once in a while?

And so......I thought I might introduce some recently released songs that have caught my attention.
Not a particularly exciting post, and just about everything I write about seems music related but well....yeah sorry about that lol. I'll have to think of something else to write for another time.

So! Yes. I few songs have been released recently that have left an impression on me.

SHIINA RINGO - Carnation
I'm a big fan of Shiina Ringo (and her band Tokyo Jihen), so was waiting for this to come out as soon as it was announced. And again, she didn't disappoint. It's a very beautiful and cute kind of tune, some have described it as Disney like etc etc. It's the theme song for a drama of the same name (Carnation), which is about the life of a fashion designer or something.

KIKKAWA KOJI- Ano Natsu Wo Wasurenai
Ano Natsu Wo Wasurenai (I Won't Forget That Summer) by Kikkawa Koji  is about the atomic bomb blast in Hiroshima back in WW2. Hiroshima is Kikkawa's home city and his father personally went through the horrors of the blast. Kikkwawa made this song with primary school kids in Hiroshima and sang it with them on the memorial day of the bomb drop. The song's lyrics are about that despite losing your friends. family, home and almost everything else, there is still hope and that you can have a peaceful future.

I liked Kimura Kaela's recent album '8'. It's a lot more rock oriented than her recent albums, although there are one or two of the cute pop songs that Kimura Kaela known for too. To me it feels like she has progressed a lot as a musician in this album.

You can check it out here ----> Kimura Kaela -8 

This is the theme song for the recent Final Fantasy Reishiki or 'Type Zero' in English. I've not really listened to a lot of this band's music and not really liked the songs that I've heard but quite liked this one. As I said before, it's the theme song for the latest Final Fantasy game on PSP, and that's where I heard it. It really fitted the game and the scene it played in and was really emotive. An enthusiastic person even reviewed it on youtube which was pretty interesting. He has also reviewed a lot of other recent singles so it might be cool to listen to a few if you're interested.... TH3JROCKFAN youtube channel


  1. Genki desu!
    (Well stress desu in fact lol)

    Thanks for the recommendation about Shiina Ringo, I didn't know anything about her music (except the video with her that you subbed) When I'll have time I will try her music.

    Bump of Chicken's song was special to listen to, not really what I usually listen to but interesting to discover.

    You should do more music post recommendation, there is a big batch of Japanese music released everyday that I don't know what should I listen to at the end lol.

    Currently I'm listening to May J.'s albums Colors, I think some people might think that I have no music taste lol but it doesn't matter, I still enjoy her voice and this album a lot.

  2. Thanks, glad you found it interesting. You should definitely have a listen to Shiina Ringo. She does lots of different styles so you're bound to find something that you like.

    Yeah Bump of Chicken's song is also unusual for me but I liked it :)

    May J. is R'n'b I believe? I used to listen to stuff like that but my tastes have changed a bit since then. That doesn't mean my taste is better now though. There isn't really a better or worse with musical taste, although lots of arrogant losers will say otherwise. Just listen to whatever you think is interesting and makes you feel good.

    That's my motto regarding music hehe.